Where Can You Park Your Bike?

The Colorado Springs Street Department and the City’s Bicycle Planner, Kate Brady would like to know the location of bike parking facilities throughout the City. And they have a handy way for you to report that information. Using the GoCoSprings app for Apple and Android devices you can take a picture of the bike rack or other bike parking facility, type in the location and any comments and submit that information through your phone or tablet.

The process is simple. If you don’t already have the app (and you should) you can download and install the app using the link above. Then follow the steps below:

IMG_1659[1]           GoCo App 2          GoCo App 3

It’s that simple. In the future, you may be able to suggest where it would be appropriate and convenient to have bike parking but that will come after the City inventories existing bike parking locations. This is your chance to “crowd source” bike parking in Colorado Springs. So get out your phone or tablet and start inventorying all the bike parking in COS.

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