Take 5 Minutes to check our city’s data

Take a few minutes to look over your regular bicycle routes and confirm that our infrastructure is accurately reflected on People For Bikes Bicycle Network Analysis. The more accurate our data the more powerful this tool can be for prioritizing and planning future projects. All of our data is pulled from OpenStreetMaps.

Explore bicycle infrastructure that is currently included in Colorado Springs BNA (updated Dec 2020), Select “Bicycle Infrastructure” in the top right

CycleOSM is a service that offers a live, bicycle centric view of OSM Data

Explore the OSMmap to confirm that amenities and destinations that you regularly visit, especially if you visit them by bike, are included in the OpenStreetMap data.

If you find missing or incorrect data follow the information below to update OpenStreetMaps or complete the form below to submit an edit for Bike COS to update

Help ensure that our city’s mapping information is accurate by:

Contributing to OpenStreetMap.

If you have experience with GIS Experience Volunteering with BikeCOS to Update Google and other Mapping services with accurate information

Below are links to resources provided by People For Bikes that will give you guidance on updating and editing OpenStreetMap.

Feel free to update OSM on your own, or if you’d like to be involved but need help please fill out our Contact Form or E-Mail BikeCOS to organize a OpenStreetMap learning session.

Do you want to help people navigate our city?

There is a wealth of information and data out there about bicycle infrastructure in our city. we need your help getting that data in the right places to help citizens and visitors navigate our city as well as getting the recognition that our city deserves.

For information on navigating the City and Links to current maps click the link below

Help Keep our city’s information accurate

We are looking for your help to keep our city’s mapping data accurate in mapping tools such as OSM or Google.

While the City of Colorado Springs does maintain this information in their internal GIS mapping system and makes this information publicly available, they do not update it on external mapping tools such as OSM or Google.

OpenStreetMap (OSM)

OSM is an open source mapping service that anyone can update. People for Bikes uses this information to populate their Bicycle Network Analysis (BNA) tool – Click Here to see Colorado Springs Bike Network Analysis.  The accuracy of the BNA is dependent on the information about roads, bike facilities and key destinations, and People for bikes relies on OpenStreetMap (OSM) for this data.

The BNA is a key component of our People for Bikes City Rating.

Google Maps

Google is one of the most commonly used mapping service and their bicycle directions are fairly well developed. Yet, if the infrastructure in google’s systems doesn’t accurately reflect the reality than suggested routes may not be ideal.

As a non-profit we have the ability to update Google’s data through the Geo Data upload tool  but we do need help parsing our city’s GIS Data smaller sections so that they can be loaded more quickly. BikeCOS is looking for a volunteer with GIS experience to help make mapping throughout the city more accurate.