How do you keep your bike safe when parked?

Lock your bike

When riding to your destination, don’t leave your bike unlocked and unattended.

Lock your bike correctly

Be sure to securely lock your bike in conspicuous location and when locking your bike, lock the frame, not just your wheels.

If you can secure both your frame and your wheels secure your frame and both wheels when locking your bike. If you can only secure one thing prioritize your frame, then your rear wheel, and finally your front wheel.

Lock to something secure

lock to a secure bike rack if you can.

If there is no secure bike rack to lock to some other secure object that the lock cannot be slid over.

Choose a secure lock

Cable are the easiest locks to cut, we recommend using a U-Lock.

How do you safely lock your bike

We are in the process of updating this page, in the meantime take a look at these articles which are helpful guides on how to properly lock a bike.