The Bike Colorado Education program teaches people how to access and safely use our bicycle network as well as teaching drivers how to interact with bicyclists and bicycle infrastructure throughout the Pikes Peak region. Combining educational material via our social media and in-person training to increase the level of education and awareness for safe bicycle travel for both on-street travel and our many miles of off-street multi-use trail facilities.

Current Class Offerings

Bicycle-Friendly Driver

Ride Leader Training

Auto-Friendly Bicyclist

Join Bike Colorado Spring to personally learn or have your team/organization learn how to improve the safety on our roadway for both bicyclists and motorists.

Bicycle Friendly Driver Class

Learn how to safely lead groups of riders on urban trails and on our on street bicycle networks including  shared roadways, bike lanes, and protect bike lanes.

Read about our first ride leader training course

This program teaches people who ride bicycles best practices for sharing the road with drivers. This course will benefit all people who ride bicycles with any background or skill level.

Auto Friendly Cyclist Course

Please reach out to Bike Colorado Springs and the Education Committee for more information and let us know if you have other bicycle related education needs that we haven’t listed

Bicyclist and Driver Education Program

2020 courses and training

With the Current COVID-19 Crisis Bike Colorado Springs is working to provide education virtually. If you are interested in attending a Bicycle Friendly Driver, Auto Friendly Cyclist, or a Train-the-Trainer course or want to learn more click the button below. Please follow our social media and subscribe to our newsletter for information on our next virtual class.

About Joan

Joan is just an ordinary person like you who wants to be safe on our roadways just like everyone  out there getting from point A to point B, day in and day out. She expects users to be courteous and polite, sharing the road and communicating their intentions—whether it be in a car, walking, or on a bicycle.

Transportation is about having a choice. As Colorado Springs grows we will appreciate the green spaces and infrastructure that allows for a viable mass transit system and a walkable and rideable community.

For Joan, it all started in Alaska where I grew up. Commuting via bicycle as a way to not only exercise but also get out and enjoy the great outdoors. She then dabbled in amateur road racing while living in Honolulu, Hawaii commuting to work as a means to train and avoid sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. In 1991, Joan moved to Colorado Springs and continued racing and commuting to stay in shape and do my little part to help mother nature. Eventually, her focus turned to equestrian interests and she gave up racing but continued to commute by bike. In 2012, Joan was seriously hit by a distracted driver. Luckily, she walked away without any broken bones. After almost 15 years, Joan quit her DoD job and decided it was time be part of the solution helping to educate motorists that there are other users on the road. All we ask is for users to be aware of each other and to share the infrastructure. Today, Joan and her husband  enjoy vacations on their tandem bicycle.