Get to know the people behind the Bike Colorado Springs Education Program. These dedicated volunteers are committed to teaching people how to access and safely use our bicycle network as well as teaching drivers how to interact with bicyclists and bicycle infrastructure throughout the Pikes Peak region.

All of the educators listed below are League Certified Instructors – a 3-day educator certification program run by The League Of American Bicyclists.



More butts on bikes, more often, safely

Allen Beauchamp has been active in bicycle safety, education, and advocacy in Colorado Springs since he moved here in 2001. He served as club President for the Colorado Springs Cycling Club from 2004-2008 and during that time worked with a team of fellow bicycle education volunteers to become a League Certified Instructor (LCI #1311). He has a passion for getting more butts on bikes, more often, safely and believes that proper education is key to establishing what can become a life-long relationship as a person who bikes, for any reason. Beyond just the pure recreational aspect of cycling, he strongly believes in educating people in how they can use a bicycle as a form of transportation and also serves as the Adaptive Cycling Specialist for the City of Colorado Springs Therapeutic Recreation Program. He firmly believes in the BikeCOS mission of “Making bicycling in the Pikes Peak region better for people of all ages and abilities”. We wholeheartedly thank Allen for all he does to build community with bicycles and to further the bicycle safety education message!


Helping others to learn to ride bikes a little more safely than how he started

Larry Wilson is a storyteller by nature and if you ask him when he learned to ride a bicycle, he’ll tell you about his father sitting him on a bike at the top of a hill, giving him a shove, and yelling for him to turn when he got to the road or he’d go into the ditch on the other side. Perhaps that is what nudged him to consider helping others to learn to ride bikes a little more safely than how he started. Larry moved to Colorado Springs in 2011 after a career in facilities management in Detroit, and since his retirement spends winters as a snowbird riding The Loop in Tucson. He became a League Cycling Instructor in 2016 and is known in both communities for working toward empowering those who want to ride. His passions are teaching safe cycling classes to adults and leading group rides. The last time we looked, however, he was helping his 3-year-old granddaughter assemble her first balance bike and coaching her efforts to ride on a very flat driveway.


Building community and enthusiasm for bicycles

Kayla Thompson comes to Kids on Bikes as an outdoor enthusiast from rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking and camping. She has her bachelor’s degree in Health Wellness and Promotion from University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS). Currently working on her master’s in mental health counseling hoping to empower kids and people of all ages through adventure-based therapy. In her free time Kayla and her 8-year-old son love to go on bike rides throughout the city. From interning with another non-profit she found a purpose in the non-profit community and hopes to make a difference in people’s lives in her hometown of Colorado Springs. Kayla became a League Certified Instructor (LCI) in November 2019. We thank her for all she does to build community and enthusiasm for bicycles!


Furthering the roadway safety message in our community

Karl Stang grew up in the small town of Red Wing, MN. It was in Red Wing where Karl landed his first job at a bike shop, began racing bicycles, and eventually attended the University of MN in Minneapolis. After a series of job changes and short stints in cities such as Detroit, Karl landed a gig in Colorado Springs in 1994. It was while racing bicycles that Karl met his wife, Joan, and decided Colorado was where he wanted to live long term. Smitten with the diverse beauty and close proximity to trails, Karl enjoys all things bicycles to include tandem touring, mountain biking, and cycling as transportation. Karl became a League Certified Instructor (LCI) in 2008 and originally co-taught introductory cycling education classes alongside Al Brody. Today, Karl regularly presents Bike Friendly Driver classes both in-person and virtually, and teaches the Auto Friendly Bicyclist perspective as well. Bike COS thanks Karl for generously volunteering his time and efforts to further the roadway safety message in our community!


A passion for ensuring safe and fun rides

Sara Hill,  A native of Colorado Springs, has ridden bicycles since childhood.  Rides including the Templeton Gap Trail always take her back in time.  After college, she got busy working, eventually returning to regular bike riding as she prepared for a triathlon in 2006.  Eventually she joined the ride leader team with Colorado Springs Cycling Club, coordinating and leading various social rides.  She currently heads up the Tour de Latte with CSCC on Saturdays.  Her passion to ensure safe and fun rides led her to become a League Certified Instructor in 2016.  She teaches classes that include Smart Cycling 101, Bicycle Friendly Driver, Route planning using Ride with GPS, Ride Leader Training, Beginner Cycling, and many more.

Beyond cycling, Sara is an Architect & BIM Manager at LKA Partners, Inc.; active in her church as a pianist and video technician; and Essentrics instructor, teaching at least 3 exercise classes a week.

Bike COS thanks Sara for her time and efforts contributing to furthering the roadway safety message in our community!