City of Colorado Springs Bicycle Master plan

Providing citizens with the facilities they require to get where they need and want to go safety is a core function of local government.  This applies for all citizens, regardless of their chosen mode of transportation. The Bicycle Master Plan will establish a vision and roadmap for how Colorado Springs can provide a level of programming and bike infrastructure across the entire city that accommodates the range of users who want/need to bicycle

Kate Brady – Colorado Springs senior bicycle planner

The purpose of the Plan is to establish a vision and roadmap for how Colorado Springs can provide a level of bike infrastructure across the entire city that accommodates the range of users who want/need to bicycle. It is also to inform and educate the general public, government staff, and elected officials of the current conditions of bicycle infrastructure and the potential of bicycling in Colorado Springs to build support for the implementation of this plan. The Plan also guides and provides strategies for the implementation of bicycle infrastructure, policies and programs for all City departments, partner public agencies and the private development community. The ultimate goal of the plan is to enhance safety, viability, integration and accessibility/inclusivity for people on bikes.

The City and consultant team have been working over the past several months on the plan. Based on research, interviews and public input, there is a clear understanding of where we are today (the current conditions) and where the community wants to be in the future (the vision and goals).

The heart of the plan, which we’re working on now, includes a recommended bike network covering the entire city and recommendations on the policies and programs that will get us from where we are today to where the community wants to be. The best, most-likely-to-succeed recommendations result from the consultants filtering their international experience through the local expertise that only citizens of Colorado Springs possess.

I-25 / Cimarron Street (US 24) Interchange

The community will soon see two new pedestrian bridges in place as part of the work being done on the Interstate-25/Cimarron Design-Build project – one over Monument Creek and one over Fountain Creek.


Pikes Peak Greenway Trail

The paved section of Pikes Peak Greenway trail is open. The gravel section of the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail remains closed until late summer 2017.

A new bridge will be installed in May 2017, located just east of the old location and will be a longer and wider structure to accommodate creek improvements and higher flows.

Watch for flaggers stationed on Pikes Peak Greenway and Bear Creek trails intermittently, directing pedestrian and bike traffic through the area.

Midland Trail

The detour for the Midland Trail to Colorado Avenue is still in place until late summer.

The new Monument Creek pedestrian bridges will be placed this spring. This pre-fabricated Monument Creek pedestrian bridge structure was purchased by the City of Colorado Springs and is being currently being installed . This bridge will be located north of Cimarron Street and will provide a new connection from the paved Pikes Peak Greenway Trail over Monument Creek, which becomes the realigned Midland Trail along Fountain Creek to the west.

Bear Creek Trail

Bear Creek Trail is open.

Once the Fountain Creek and Monument Creek pedestrian bridges are in place, the project team will finish remaining trail and stream improvements work to open all of the trails by late summer 2017


The second #PlanCOS survey is live. Complete the survey for one or all of the the six vision statements. Have your voice heard, let’s help shape the future of Colorado Springs.

While, not directly a bike project, this comprehensive plan will shape all aspects of the city into the future. The “PlanCOS” campaign is a two-year process that asks citizens, “What do you want Colorado Springs to be in 10 years?” From new shopping areas, community centers, housing choices, employment, educational opportunities, trails, recreation facilities, and redevelopment, to a re-invented Downtown – #PlanCOS will set the stage for the city’s future.

For the first time in 15 years, the City of Colorado Springs, together with City Council, is creating a comprehensive plan for the city’s future, and they want an abundance of citizen input.

The City wants your input! Public input is essential to the planning process. Stay involved as the City asks the community to help identify opportunities, challenges, and visions for the future of Colorado Springs!

Visit the City’s Plan COS site for more info