Current Detours/Closures

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Weber St Bike Lane Striping

Planned completion date September 2020

Update 9-15-2020 : Weber St bike lane striping has started to be finalized this week, we will update with progress.

Weber St has been partially striped for the last few weeks. we have learned from the City that the contractor has been having trouble with their epoxy truck. There appear to be multiple projects, bike lane related and not, throughout the city that are waiting for the truck to come back online. We have reached out from an updated schedule for when striping is expected to be complete haven’t heard back yet.

Palmer Mesa Trail

Planned completion – End of September

Sections of the Palmer-Mesa Trail will remain closed from Monday, Aug. 3 through the end of September.  Due to site constraints, there is not an available detour, however, the Foothills Trail, Blair Bridge Open Space and the Foothills Trail underpass with access to 30th Street will remain open.

More information available on our Palmer Mesa Trail Closure Post

Cascade Blvd from Bijou to Uintah Rd

Planned completion – Fall 2020

Cascade Blvd from Bijou to Uintah Rd is being repaved this summer as part of 2c. There will be lane closures which will mean bicycles and cars will be sharing a single lane. When paving is complete it will be restriped in the current buffered bike lane layout.

Current Projects Under Way

Midland Trail at Ridge Rd

The Retention pond project impacting Midland Trail at Ridge Road is now complete . The trail was reopened on September 1st, we are working to have wayfinding signage installed to guide users down the sidewalk to the Adams Crossing bridge under Colorado Avenue.

IMG 20200812 150610
Midland Trail Closure
IMG 20200812 150610 IMG 20200812 150843 IMG 20200812 150944 IMG 20200812 151301 IMG 20200812 151307 Midland Trail Closure

Safer Roads Southeast

 Chelton Road & Jet Wing Drive Restriping Project

The City of Colorado Springs is proposing improvements to transportation and neighborhood vitality along portions of Chelton Road, Jet Wing Drive and Hancock Expressway.  The city conducted two public meetings to discuss these proposals.  These roads have been identified in the City Bike Master Plan as key bicycle corridors, and the City has studied how bicycle infrastructure might be added to provide bicycle connections and improve safety by providing dedicated space for people on foot, on bikes and in cars.

Link to city’s – Safer Roads Southeast Website

Proposal is expected to be presented in mid September 2020

Investment in Southeast Colorado Springs will provide a safe and healthy connections for kids & families, Safer trail crossings and safer access to the Sand Creek trail

People focused streets provide predictability for all people, regardless of how they choose to get around, and safer transportation options for all.

Expanding the bike lanes currently on Chelton Road (from Bijou Street to Mallard Drive) south to Jet Wing Drive, and/or between Jet Wing Drive and Hancock Expressway;

Expanding the bike lanes currently on Jet Wing Drive (from Wernimont Circle to Hancock Expressway), south to Academy Boulevard; and

Creating bike lanes on Hancock Expressway from Chelton Road to Resnick Drive.

Mesa Road

Mesa from Uintah St to Fillmore Restriping Project

Mesa Road north of Uintah is a popular route for fitness and training rides, and probably less popular for casual recreation rides. Currently there is no on-street accommodation for people riding bicycles. The Palmer Mesa Trail parallels the corridor, and varies from high quality concrete surface closer to Fillmore to degraded asphalt in other segments.

Mesa Road is being repaved from Uintah to Fillmore. This is strictly a maintenance project, so we do not have the opportunity to widen. With the roadway width that will be replaced, we will have the space to provide two vehicle travel lanes and one bike lane, so the intent is to improve the existing situation, understanding that this may not be the ultimate final best alignment.

From Uintah to 19th Street/King Street, a climbing lane is warranted, and downhill riders can take the Palmer-Mesa Trail or take the lane with traffic.

From 19th /King to Fillmore, the situation is more challenging. Our options are as follows:

Option A – Bike Lane northwestbound, uphill, same side as the trail alignment. No change on the other side, so southeastbound riders would ride downhill with traffic.

Option B – Bike Lane Southeastbound, downhill, opposite side as the trail alignment. Northwestbound riders would either ride with traffic or ride on the trail (with its varied surface conditions).

Traffic Engineering staff recognize that neither solution is perfect, and would like feedback from Colorado Springs bike riders about which you think is the better improvement.

The public comment period is now closed we will update when a decision has been communicated

Weber Street – Urban Neighborhood Connection:

Weber St north of Pikes Peak Avenue will be reconfigured in 2020 from Pikes Peak Ave north to Uintah St with two automobile travel lanes, a turn lane and a buffered bike lane. The buffered bike lane is planed to continue north to Jackson St in conjunction with repaving occurring in 2021.

The portion of Weber St south of Pikes Peak ave, through Downtown Colorado Springs, was configured first with parking protected bike lanes, then configured with buffered bike lanes from the Pikes Peak Ave on the north to Rio Grande on the south. Weber street was designated as an urban greenway by the Experience Downtown Master Plan and will provide a safe connection for people traveling by bicycle through the southern portion of Downtown Colorado Springs.

Old North End Transportation Improvements

Bike lane and buffered bike lane implementation

Cascade Avenue is a critical on-street bicycle connection into downtown from the neighborhoods north of Downtown. Cascade Ave between Bijou and Jackson streets was reconfigured in 2018 to enhance pedestrian safety near Colorado College, improve traffic flow onto I-25, and install a north/south bicycle connection into downtown.

North of Jackson St the Cascade Ave Buffered bike lane will be continued across Fillmore to its dead end just past Winters Dr.

South of Colorado Ave Cascade Ave has been brought up as as possible future bike connection through to the Rio Grande St bike lane which would make Cascade a 4.25 Mile Continuous bike lane from the Roswell neighborhood through Downtown to the rapidly developing South West Downtown Mill St Neighborhood

Fontanero St was identified as a street to install bicycle infrastructure as key east/west bicycle corridor and a connection from neighborhoods to Monument Valley Park and the Legacy loop. Fontanero St between Cascade St and El Paso/Paseo Rd has been configured as a two lane road with a center turn lane and bike lanes.

Van Buren St

Safer Routes To School Bike lane and Sidewalk improvements

The City of Colorado Springs has received a Safe Routes to School Grant to construct safety improvements on Van Buren Street (Templeton Gap to Circle Drive) to benefit Mann Middle School, Stratton and Audubon elementary schools, Evangelical Christian School and neighboring communities.

For people on bikes, the project includes bike lanes to provide dedicated space and predictability.
For people on foot, the project improves crossings and adds curb ramps, and other improvements, so all people can walk more easily along Van Buren.

Together, these features will give a more neighborhood feel to the roadway and promote safety along a corridor that serves many local schools.

Bicycle lanes to connect with an identified bicycle route on Holiday Lane to the east of Circle Drive, existing bike lanes on Templeton Gap Road and planned bicycle lanes on Patrician Way.
The City is partnering with Drive Smart Colorado (DSC) and with Kids on Bikes (KOB) to bring age-appropriate bicycle education outreach to all four schools.

Van Buren Street reconfiguration should be complete in 2020

for more information visit the city’s site for the Van Buren St project

City of Colorado Springs Bicycle Master plan

The Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan was unanimously passed by the Colorado Springs City Council January of 2018. This was be the first update to Bike Master Plan since 1996. Now that it has been adopted, this plan acts as a guide for all future bicycle infrastructure development throughout our city. Providing citizens with the facilities they require to get where they need and want to go safely, regardless of their chosen form of transportation. The Bicycle Master Plan has established a vision and roadmap for how Colorado Springs can provide a level of programming and bike infrastructure across the entire city that accommodates the range of users who want and need to bicycle around our great city.

For more information visit our Bike Master Plan Page


While, not directly a bike project, this comprehensive plan will shape all aspects of the city into the future. The “PlanCOS” campaign is a two-year process that asks citizens, “What do you want Colorado Springs to be in 10 years?” From new shopping areas, community centers, housing choices, employment, educational opportunities, trails, recreation facilities, and redevelopment, to a re-invented Downtown – #PlanCOS will set the stage for the city’s future.

For the first time in 15 years, the City of Colorado Springs, together with City Council, is creating a comprehensive plan for the city’s future, and they want an abundance of citizen input.

The City wants your input! Public input is essential to the planning process. Stay involved as the City asks the community to help identify opportunities, challenges, and visions for the future of Colorado Springs!

Visit the City’s Plan COS site for more info