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City of Colorado Springs Bicycle Master plan

The Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan was unanimously passed by the Colorado Springs City Council January of 2018. This was be the first update to Bike Master Plan since 1996. Now that it has been adopted, this plan acts as a guide for all future bicycle infrastructure development throughout our city. Providing citizens with the facilities they require to get where they need and want to go safely, regardless of their chosen form of transportation. The Bicycle Master Plan has established a vision and roadmap for how Colorado Springs can provide a level of programming and bike infrastructure across the entire city that accommodates the range of users who want and need to bicycle around our great city.

For more information visit our Bike Master Plan Page


While, not directly a bike project, this comprehensive plan will shape all aspects of the city into the future. The “PlanCOS” campaign is a two-year process that asks citizens, “What do you want Colorado Springs to be in 10 years?” From new shopping areas, community centers, housing choices, employment, educational opportunities, trails, recreation facilities, and redevelopment, to a re-invented Downtown – #PlanCOS will set the stage for the city’s future.

For the first time in 15 years, the City of Colorado Springs, together with City Council, is creating a comprehensive plan for the city’s future, and they want an abundance of citizen input.

The City wants your input! Public input is essential to the planning process. Stay involved as the City asks the community to help identify opportunities, challenges, and visions for the future of Colorado Springs!

Visit the City’s Plan COS site for more info