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Mission Statement

Making bicycling in the Pikes Peak Region better for people of all ages and abilities by:

Advocating for safe and connected on and off-street bicycle infrastructure
Teaching people how to access and safely use our bicycle network
Uniting businesses, organizations and individuals who embrace bicycling
Celebrating the strength of a community that pedals

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Organizational Structure

As of June 2022, Bike Colorado Springs is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization

This change is our final step in making Bike Colorado Springs a fully autonomous, self-directed non-profit representing and advocating for the needs of bicycle riders in the Pikes Peak Region

2015 – When founded in 2015 Bike Colorado Springs was born as “a program” of Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) as it was still in its developmental stages.
June 2020 – TOSC become the “fiscal sponsor” of Bike Colorado Springs allowing the organization to operate more independently
June 2022 –  Bike Colorado Springs becomes their own non-profit while continuing to partner and work with TOSC where our missions align.

Bike Colorado Springs, operates as a 501(c)(3) organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Open Board/Committee Chair Roles

Outreach Committee

The outreach committee aims to engage a broad range of communities throughout the Pikes Peak region to build an alliance of businesses, organizations and individuals that embrace bicycling. This includes managing our Bicycle Ambassador Program and working with local businesses and organizations that have an interest in improving bicycle infrastructure and believe that cycling is an important economic driver in our community.

Event Lead

This volunteer is responsible for planning and executing a broad range of events that support bicycling throughout our region. From tabling at events to organizing fundraisers at local businesses. if you are interested in helping us build community through bicycling we want you on board.


Bike COS is looking for a volunteer with accounting or financial experience to manage our bank account, fundraising, budget and finance aspects of the organization. This role is a seat on our board of directors and includes participation in our monthly board meetings.

Sitting Executive Committee members

Education Committee

The Education committee is chaired by Joan Stang. The Education committee teaches people how to access and safely use our bicycle network as well as teaching drivers how to interact with bicyclists and bicycle infrastructure throughout the Pikes Peak region. Combining educational material via social media, webinars, and in-person training to increase the level of education and awareness for safe bicycle travel for both on-street travel and our many miles of off-street multi-use trail facilities. Transportation is about having a choice and bicycling offers one option. As the Pikes Peak region continues to grow, our communities will benefit from green space and infrastructure that allows for a viable mass transit system, micromobility, and walkable and rideable neighborhoods.

About Joan

Growing up in Alaska, Joan started commuting via bicycle as a way to exercise, enjoy the great outdoors, and to do something for the environment. She dabbled in bike racing while living in Honolulu, Hawaii and continued after moving to Colorado Springs in 1991 giving track, mountain, cyclocross, and road racing all a try. Eventually, her focus turned to equestrian interests and she gave up racing but continued to commute by bike. In 2014, Joan was seriously hit by a distracted driver while bicycling home from work one day. Luckily, she walked away without any broken bones. After almost 15 years, Joan quit her DoD job and decided it was time be part of the solution helping to educate our community that there are other users on the road. At the end of the day, it is all about saving lives and driving and/or riding courteously and with awareness. Today, Joan and her husband enjoy vacations on their tandem bicycle visiting far away places such as France.

Joan Stang successfully completed League Certified Instructor training in Fort Collins, CO October 2022. We congratulate her and look forward to offering more activities to involve the community!

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is chaired by Jerry White. The Advocacy Committee promotes and advances local and regional legislation, policy and funding for increased non-motorized transportation infrastructure. The Advocacy Committee meets monthly on the first Wednesday at 6pm – at various locations in the Pikes Peak region.

About Jerry

Jerry White is a lifelong bicycle rider, beginning at age 8 on a Columbia Bike from the workshop of S. Claus (with earlier preparatory experience on a blue tricycle). His bicycle experience has been continuous to this day using three Schwinns, a Dunelt, and currently a Montague Alston and a Co-Motion Primera.  He is a constant city rider in Colorado Springs, seldom seen in a motor vehicle.  Jerry and his wife Cathy are committed bicycle travelers, and have ridden their tandem extensively in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  To mark their 50th birthdays they spent 100 days seeing the United States on a self-supported tandem pilgrimage from Florence, Oregon to Yorktown, Virginia.

Jerry’s passion for bicycle advocacy stems from his experience of riding in more than 75 cities in 17 countries and believing that the people (of all ages) in Colorado Springs deserve the best and safest bicycle infrastructure that contemporary design engineers have to offer.  In addition to his bicycling knowledge, he brings to the table advocacy skills acquired through many years of volunteer work with the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, the American College of Radiology and the American Society for Radiation Oncology.

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is chaired by Cully Radvillas. This committee’s primary role is to increase the level of communication and collaboration among groups and individuals who have an interest in promoting bicycling. Using social media, face to face meetings, and this web site, the Communication Committee’s is developing channels of communication to all interested parties in support of a more bicycle friendly community.

About Cully

In 2012 Cully Radvillas moved from Chicago, IL to Colorado Springs, CO with SRAM, the second largest bicycle component manufacturer in the world. Throughout his years living in the Springs, the community feel, access to the outdoors, and potential of the city has won him over. As an avid mountain biker who grew up in the Midwest, he was grateful to move to a city where mountain biking doesn’t require driving to a trailhead. He views bicycles as equally valuable for both transportation and recreation. He especially loves the ability to ride via streets and trails directly to singletrack from his home on the Westside.


When moving to the Springs, Cully was excited to have his commute consist of 75% off-street trails, including singletrack and the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. While he loves all of the off-street bicycling options, safe, on-street infrastructure is lacking. Cully is now a proud father who gets around by cargo bike with his son as much as possible. Cully sees comfortable, safe, on-street bicycle infrastructure options as a necessity to make bicycles viable transportation tools in Colorado Springs. He wants to help Colorado Springs reach it’s potential as a top tier city, and for citizens and non-citizens alike to see the freedom bicycles can bring, in the mountains and on the road.

Immediate past Advocacy Chair

As the previous Advocacy Committee chair Cory Sutela maintains a role on the BCS Executive Committee in an advisory role.


Cory Sutela was born in Canada, holds a Ph.D in engineering and worked in the Petroleum and Automotive fields before moving to Colorado Springs in 2004 to work as a test engineer for a bicycle company.  He currently serves as Executive Director of Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates.

Cory’s interest in safe bike infrastructure developed primarily through a need to save money in college, and endures today as a passion for the freedom of commuting by bicycle.  Cory helped to form Bike Colorado Springs in 2015 and served as our first Advocacy Chair.  He has moved on from that role but maintains an active role with us on special projects.

Cory lives in Manitou Springs with his wife Andrea, a Colorado Springs native and avid mountain biker.

We thank Allen Beauchamp for his ongoing dedication to Bicycle Advocacy

Allen Beauchamp, a founding member of Bike Colorado Springs, has stepped down from his role as the BikeCOS Engagement Committee. Allen has been integral to the growth and success of BikeCOS and will stay involved in activities related to SE COS and our Outreach committee as a BikeCOS Ambassador. Allen will continue advocating for bicycles through the Trails and Open Space Coalition and his work with the Colorado Springs Therapeutic Recreation Program.

As for the Engagement Committee’s responsibilities; they will be handled by the Outreach committee, which includes members from our BikeCOS Ambassador Program.