We are hopeful that you will never need information on what to do in case of a crash on your bike. Yet, until the status quo changes and the safety on our streets change, there is a chance that some of us will be hit and injured. With the wish that this never happens to you, our friends at Bicycle Colorado put together a great resource on what to do if you or a loved one is in a crash while riding their bike.

Colorado Lawyers focused on bicycle crash cases

Megan Hottman AKA the Cyclist Lawyer on social media is a lawyer located in Golden who has put together a great resource on bike law within municipalities throughout the state of Colorado

Brad Tucker at Colorado Bike Law is another great resource in Colorado on bike law. Brad actually came to Colorado Springs in 2020 and gave a presentation on bike law at a Bike Colorado Springs event

For more resourses to report issues on our roadways and trails visit our Report an Issue page