Connect COS

ConnectCOS – Year Long Transportation study launched

City launches transportation study, seeks input on challenges, opportunities


New Survey Live Now – Open until August 8th 2021

City presents survey finidings

1,700+ survey responses recieved

The City of Colorado Springs hosted a virtual public meeting on Feb 18th. Watch the meeting video here to learn more about the unique transportation needs and challenges facing the City of Colorado Springs as we continue to grow.  The ConnectCOS Team presented on input collected from a recent community-wide survey and presented a high-level project overview.

Please participate in the quiz and submit any questions or comments online by March 1.

The City of Colorado Springs is seeking public input on the strengths and weakness of its transportation system as part of ConnectCOS, a city-wide visionary transportation study to help meet the evolving needs of this growing community.

If you walk, bicycle, take transit, or drive a vehicle in Colorado Springs we want to hear your input about local transportation opportunities and challenges. Please submit comments by using the following tools by September 11th. Residents are encouraged to provide input about transportation challenges in the areas of driving, walking, bicycling, and using public transportation.

Residents are encouraged to submit comments through both a digital survey to gain insight into existing travel habits and preferences and An online map tool that allows users to pinpoint specific areas that are easy or challenging to drive, walk, bike or take transit

Residents may visit the project webpage to learn more about the study and to provide feedback.

There have been a lot of changes in Colorado Springs in the last 20 years, which was the last time our city’s primary transportation plan (the Intermodal Transportation Plan) was updated. The City is launching the year long ConnectCOS study as an effort review our current transportation system and develop a plan to ensure an efficient, accessible, safe, and well-connected network for people who drive, walk, bike and take public transit.

PlanCOS, the City’s comprehensive plan that was adopted by City Council in 2019, outlined big ideas to shape the future of our city. ConnectCOS will lay out the next 20 years of transportation planning, infrastructure, and improvements in Colorado Springs, bringing to life the goals, ideas and community values established in PlanCOS.

ConnectCOS is a year-long study that will involve a significant technical analysis, and robust community engagement effort, to identify and prioritize short and long-term transportation projects to ensure that people who live, work and play in Colorado Springs have an opportunity to participate in the study.

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