Midland Trail Bridge

Midland Trail/Red Rock Canyon access impacted

If you have traveled or live around the intersection of Highway 24 and 31st Street you will have noticed significant construction at this intersection. This road work has closed pedestrian access at the intersection and has closed access to the the Midland trail on either side of this intersection. Midland trail is closed, on the west, between the currently closed Ridge Road (Ridge Road Closed until September) and 31st Street which effectively closes Midland Trail access between Colorado Springs and Manitou Springs. From the east Midland trail is closed at the Golden Lane entrance to fountain Creek Campground with direct trail access to 31st or HWY 24. While 31st Street is still passable on bike we recommend either using the 26th Street detour or exercising extreme caution as traffic has increased with the construction at this intersection. This impacts both bicyclists and pedestrians looking to access Red Rock Canyon open space as it is now recommended to access Red Rock canyon on foot or bike via 26th street.


According to an article in the Westside Pioneer the goals of this project are to increase the length and capacity of the eastbound left turn lane from 31st Street onto HWY 24. Additionally, storm water management will be addressed with the addition of new and upgraded storm drains at the intersection. For more information please visit the CDOT website on the project. According to a February article from the Westside Pioneer regarding changes to Ridge road and another regarding the summer closure, unfortunately this is not related to proposed but unfunded project to make non-motorized access the popular Red Rock Canyon easier with the installation of a pedestrian bridge over Highway 24. Please stay tuned to Bike Colorado Springs and follow our social media for more information on these trail closures and detours.

Westside Pioneer photo

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