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Election 2020 – Colorado Springs 2A

Post Series: Election 2020

Bike Colorado Springs endorses a Yes vote on the City of Colorado Springs 2A ballot issue – image of a sample ballot shown to the right.

Passing of 2A would allow the City of Colorado Springs to retain and spend $1.9 million in 2019 revenue above the city’s spending limit, and reset future revenue caps to 2019 levels, ensuring that TABOR’s “ratchet effect” does not hinder the city’s ability to more rapidly recover from the covid-related recession.

We recognize the importance of an adequate, stable and predictable tax base to appropriately fund civic projects, including modern active transportation infrastructure. Indexing future tax revenue to the economically depressed pandemic period and restricting our ability to disburse already collected tax revenue will negatively affect our work as a community to move forward with the type of infrastructure necessary to keep Colorado Springs the city of which we are so proud.

This pandemic has been a burden on the residents of the Colorado Springs and municipalities in the region alike. We are aware of the difficulties the poor economy is having on workers and families and supporting the City of Colorado Springs 2A ballot initiative, asking to keep the revenue collected over the TABOR limit, was not an easy call.

The Bike Colorado Springs leadership team thinks that it is critical that we voice our support for this measure as we believe that not receiving this funding would likely have practical implications for the funding of streets and parks which make up our city’s active transportation network. During the Great Recession, funding for public works and parks were the first budgets to be cut. We believe that the passing of 2A will help our city avoid this sort of hardship during this economic downturn.

During these difficult times we believe that it is more important than ever to get outside to experience the restorative power of nature. This is the reason we support 2A; it will allow our city to continue funding safe streets and good trails for bicycling that people of all ages and abilities will be able to use.

Election Information

As of Monday October 12th many Colorado Springs residents have already recieved their ballots. As a reminder, all registered Colorado voters are mailed a ballot; ballots were mailed to registered voters on Friday, October 9th. If you are registered and have not recieved your ballot yet, check the progress of your ballot here. If you are registered in El Paso County and do not receive a ballot by Friday, October 16th contact the El Paso County Clerk and Recorders Office check here for other county election offices.

The deadline to register and receive a mail in ballot is October 26. That deadline allows time for processing and mailing your ballot. You can register to vote or update your registration prior to that deadline online at ​

After the deadline, you can still register to vote and you also can update your registration and receive your ballot. Both may be done at one of our Voter Service & Polling Centers through Election Day.

Please note:

As a fiscally sponsored fund of the Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) a 501(c)(3) organization, Bike Colorado Springs is unable to endorse or donate to candidates running for office. 

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