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Citizens Transportation Advisory Board – Restructuring

The Citizens Transportation Advisory Board – CTAB (an official city board that reports to Colorado Springs City Council) has been re-organized to absorb ATAC (the Active Transportation Advisory Board which reported to CTAB). This new structure adds 4 members to the CTAB board with specific backgrounds in active transportation.

Section 1 of the CTAB ordinance adopted in 2002

There is hereby created a Citizens Transportation Advisory Board to advise
the City Council and City Manager on matters relating to the City’s multi-modal transportation

The new composition (13 members total) is as follows:

6 members representing each of the 6 geographic Council districts
3 at-large members, consistent with the 3 at-large Council seats
One member each representing the following (4 members total):
Individuals who ride bicycles for transportation
Individuals who walk for transportation
Individuals who ride transit
Individuals who have a disability that affects their means of transportation.

There are 9 openings on CTAB currently, including:

Four new active transportation positions
Four representing Council districts 1, 4, 5 and 6.
One City-wide At-Large representative
CTAB meetings are held the 1st Tuesday of the month, currently at 3pm but expected to be changed to 5:30pm, generally lasting between 90 minutes to 2 hours.

The application period will close on Monday at 5pm. Please consider applying if you are eligible for these positions.These are opportunities for residents to provide input, and we would welcome participation from folks who care about the future of our transportation network in Colorado Springs.

More information, and the application, please see the City’s website here: https://coloradosprings.gov/boards?mlid=9451

Updated CTAB ordinance

Updated 2021 CTAB Ordinance PDF

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