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Colorado Springs E-Scooter Share Pilot Launch

E-Scooter Pilot Launched October 6th 2021

While our focus at Bike Colorado Springs is making bicycling better in our region, we believe that Electric Scooters, and other micromobility solutions will play a role in our region’s urban transportation landscape during the next few years. Bike COS Supports the addition of E-Scooters to our urban mobility environment and believes that more E-Scooters will help build a stronger case for safe, connected infrastructure for bike riders, scooter users, and other micromobility users.

The City of Colorado Springs is conducting a one-year pilot program beginning October 2021 and has selected the scooter sharing operators Lime and Veo to participate in the pilot.

VEO started service on Wednesday October 6th while Lime will be starting service on Friday October 8th.

For more information on the 2021 E-Scooter Pilot visit the city’s website on the project

The City of Colorado Springs opened their Request for Proposal (RFP) in late February which closed on March 24, 2021 with the  Contract awarded to Lime and VEO for the one year Pilot.

View high level details about the E-Scooter Program below

VEO Service Area Map

Oct 2021 VEO Colorado Springs Scooter service area

Lime Service Area Map

OCT 2021 Colorado Springs Lime Service area map

$1 to unlock, 31 cents per minute

Veo Access Pricing – $0 to unlock, 31 cents per minute. Anyone who qualifies for a Colorado Springs local, Colorado State, or federal assistance program, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or Health First Colorado, is eligible for Veo Access Colorado Springs discounts. Apply to Veo Access


$1 to unlock, 29 cents per minute

Lime Access provides discounted fares of .50 to unlock and .07 per minute to qualifying riders in the United States, and access to Lime scooters for people without smartphones or credit cards. To qualify, an individual must demonstrate participation in an eligible local, state or federal public benefits program. Apply to Lime Access.

Outside of Service area

Our understanding is that leaving the service area will cause the scooter to stop functioning. E-Scooter share scooters are not allowed in Garden of The Gods or Manitou Springs.

Scooter Parking in Downtown and Old Colorado City

In the Downtown core and Old Colorado City, e-scooters must be parked in designated parking areas only. Each providers app will provide the location of parking and parking areas will be visibly marked. Both Lime and Veo provide incentives for leaving scooters in designated areas.

Outside of the Downtown core and Old Colorado City, e-scooters must be parked out of the way of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and in an up-right position.

No-Ride Zones

  • Sidewalks in busy pedestrian areas – e-scooters are not permitted on sidewalks in the Downtown core, Old Colorado City, and other no-ride areas as shown in the company’s e-scooter app.
  • High speed streets – e-scooters are not permitted on streets with posted speeds greater than 35 mph.
  • Parks & Trails – e-scooters are not permitted in City parks or on City trails.
  • Other designated no-ride zones – other zones may be specified by signage or in the app, including Colorado College and University of Colorado Colorado Springs

During the RFP process some scooter share vendors have reached out to us, and while we will be supportive of E-Scooter share in Colorado Springs and whichever vendor(s) the city chooses, Bike COS chooses not to endorse any scooter share provider.

We are excited for more mobility options to become available for people getting around our city. This pilot program is for a one year  with the option to be extended. Colorado Springs currently has a successful non-profit electric bike share program through PikeRide.


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