Sinton Trail Under I 25 Open

Sinton Trail Open Until Late August – Careful Through Construction Zone

There’s good news for Sinton Trail users! The section under I-25, which has been closed for construction, opened Monday April 29th and will be passable until late August. This means a smoother east-west connection for bikers and pedestrians. We thank Rep. Stephanie Vigil for advocating with CDOT and the construction team to expedite the reopening of the trail, originally planned for a 6+ month closure.

Safety First: Crossing the Construction Zone

Since construction is still ongoing at the I-25 crossing, it’s important to prioritize safety while using the trail. Here are some key measures to follow:

  • Reduce Speed: Slow down as you pass through the construction zone and stay in the marked route through the site.
  • Maximum Awareness: Remove headphones and make eye contact with any equipment operators.
  • Watch for Signs and Flaggers: Pay close attention to signage and instructions from workers who may be directing trail users safely through the area.
  • Be Visible: Make sure you’re wearing bright clothing during the day and reflective gear at night.
  • Maintain Distance: Keep a safe distance from construction equipment and workers.

Heads Up for Future Closures

While the trail is generally open until late August, there will be some short, periodic closures to watch for:

  • May – Late August: Expect some brief, mostly nighttime closures for essential construction activities like placing girders or wall panels.
  • September: A longer closure of likely more than a month is anticipated due to drainage work requiring an open trench across Ellston Rd.

Enjoy a Safe Ride on the Sinton Trail This Summer!

By following these safety tips and staying informed about upcoming closures, you can help keep yourself safe and ensure the Sinton Trail remains open for everyone to enjoy this summer.

Stay Informed

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