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Update on Infrastructure Improvements

Infrastructure improvements supporting outdoor recreation and tourism are popping up around Colorado Springs, thanks to support of Colorado Springs residents.

Improvements are underway on some of Colorado Springs’ most popular trails, thanks to voter approval in November 2015 to retain $2.1 million in excess revenues from 2014 to be used for trail improvements. Two of the eight trails identified to receive improvements are complete with the remaining trails scheduled to be complete later this summer.

2D Trail Work Complete

Skyline Trail: Replaced concrete between Yellowwood Dr. and Research Blvd that had lifted or sunk, creating tripping hazards.

Pikes Peak Greenway Trail: Work is expected to be complete July 8 from Mark Dabling (south of the Goose Gossage Sports Complex) to Tremont Street. Work included converting the asphalt trail to a 12-foot wide concrete trail, drainage improvements to reduce low lying water collection,  improvements to the entrance and exit on and off the small pedestrian bridge (just north of Polk Street), and converting the gravel trail west of Tremont Street to a 12-foot wide concrete trail. The section of the trail that is a temporary shared alley/trail will be asphalted.  The ultimate goal will be to pave the permanent trail with concrete, once easements are obtained.

2D Scheduled to Start

Palmer Mesa Trail: Mesa Road to 30th Street and Stately View to Holmes Middle School. Construction to convert the gravel trail to a 12’ wide concrete trail scheduled to begin in early July.

Sinton Trail: From Mark Dabbling Street to Ellston Street. Construction to take place late summer/early fall. Improvements will be made to improve line of sight, primarily under the railroad trusses and Sinton Road, build connection to Sinton Pond, improve drainage under the trail, and convert the asphalt trail into a 12-foot wide concrete trail.

Sand Creek Trail: Airport Road to Hancock Expressway. Work will begin the first part of July to improve concrete that has lifted or sunk, creating tripping hazards.

Rock Island Trail: Circle Road to Academy Blvd and Academy Blvd to Powers Blvd. Work is anticipated to begin mid to late summer to include drainage improvements, improved neighborhood connections and street crossings, and converting the asphalt trail into a 12-foot wide concrete trail.

Homestead Trail: North Carefree to South Carefree. Work to improve pedestrian ramps, neighborhood connections and convert asphalt trail to concrete is anticipated to begin late summer/early fall

Shooks Run Trail: Jackson Street to East Jefferson Street and Fontanero Street to Wahsatch Avenue.  Work is anticipated to begin late summer/early fall to convert the asphalt trail into a 12-foot wide concrete trail, and to improve pedestrian ramps for ADA requirements and create neighborhood connections.

Dero Fix-It Bicycle Repair Stations Have Arrived!

The City of Colorado Springs dedicated a portion of a generous Walk and Wheel grant from Kaiser Permanente to purchase five Dero Fixit bicycle repair stations that are being be placed at popular bicycle commuting locations around the city.

Three repairs stations have been installed, with two more planned for installation later this summer.

Dero FixIt Station Locations:

  • PopCycle Bridge on the Legacy Loop- Pikes Peak Greenway Trail near Van Buren
  • Garden of the Gods at 30th and Mesa Road
  • Goose Gossage Park near the dirt ramp area
  • Penrose Library at Cascade- to be installed soon
  • El Pomar Youth Sports Center- to be installed by end of summer

The Fixit includes all the tools necessary to perform basic bike repairs and maintenance, including an air pump, Philips and flat head screwdrivers, Allen wrenches, a headset wrench, a pedal wrench, box wrenches and two tire levers. The Fixit also features a QR code that connects cyclists to instructional videos that walk you through basic repairs.

Five 2015 Bike to Work Day corporate challenge winners will have a plaque with their name placed on one of the Dero Bike Fixit stands around town.

  • El Pomar Youth Sports Center- City of Colorado Springs
  • PopCycle Bridge- Avago Technologies
  • Penrose Library- Engineering Ministries International
  • Garden of Gods Park at 30th and Mesa Rd- Hemogenix
  • Goose Gossage Park- T.Rowe Price

City Seeks to Crowd Source Bicycle Parking Map

In an effort to create a map showing available bicycle parking facilities in Colorado Springs,GoCoSprings (, the City’s mobile app, now has a way for people to document bike parking in their neighborhood. Use the “New Issue” feature and select “Bike Parking” to report bicycle parking locations. The map, which will be shared at will update weekly with all the new reported bicycle parking locations.

Bike parking is an important type of facility for bicycle transportation that hasn’t been tracked until now. This effort is a way for the cycling community to share valuable knowledge and support bicycling infrastructure.

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