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Sinton Trail Closure

A portion of the Sinton trail a quarter mile west of Chestnut is closed due to significant erosion of the creek bank at the edge of the trail that poses a hazard for trail users.

Please adhere to the trail closure – creek bank erosion is currently undercutting the trail creating a risk of a 20+ Foot fall into the creek if the trail collapses.

The city parks department has suggested a detour (currently unmarked) using Vondelpark Drive and Holland Park Drive. Be aware that the detour connecting the trail to Vondelpark Dr.  is steep, only partially paved, and can be wet or icy. Below we have included on street detour options for trail users uncomfortable with the connection to Vondelpark Dr.

Other detour options connecting Holland Park to Chestnut include south of the trail Vondelpark Dr the whole way or from Chestnut, north of the trail Ellston St to Darby St

Bike Colorado Springs and The Trails and Open space coalition have submitted letters to the City Parks and Recreation department to with some recommendations relating to this closure

Current Trail and Detour Conditions

Images of the creek erosion below were taken in late 2020 before the trail closure was implemented (click on photos for a full view)

View From  Vondelpark DR Of Detour Connecting To Sinton Trail

Improve restrictions to the dangerous trail section by adding fencing or construction barrels on the creek side of the trail to prevent trail users from walking or riding in proximity to the hazard. Include signage informing users of the reason for the closure and danger ahead.  Add signage on Vondelpark and Holland Park to direct trail users along the detour.

Regarding Access and detours Bike COS is asking for the Parks Department to:

Minimum improvements

Improve current detour signage including directional arrows at intersections guiding trail users to trail access points.  Improvements are also needed to the unpaved portion connecting across the creek to Vondelpark Dr. Since this closure is occurring through the winter it is important that the pathway that leads from the trail closure to Vondelpark Dr. be kept free of ice and snow, particularly on the steep part and the curb/roadway interface.

We recommend that this section should either be paved with or re-surfaced with a trail quality breeze type (or other) covering.

Ideal Solution

Mark a trail bypass allowing for trail users to safely pass the damaged section for prior to the start of repairs.  This would allow the trail to be open for users without resorting to a detour.

If the city is able to implement our ideal off street, trail bypass prior to a permanent repair, the detour improvements will still be needed during the construction process as the trail will likely need to be closed completely for the project to proceed safely. When a complete closure of the trail corridor is needed, the clear detour signage and connection maintenance outlined above will be needed too.

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