Fountain BLVD Buffered Bike Lane

Fountain Blvd Bike Lanes Now Complete

Bike riders rejoice! Buffered bike lanes have now been installed on Fountain Boulevard, stretching from Hancock Avenue to Circle Drive. This fantastic addition makes getting around by bike between southeast Colorado Springs, downtown, and the Hillside area much easier.

These new lanes provide a designated space for bicyclists, separated from traffic by a buffer zone. This creates a more comfortable and safer environment for riders of all ages and abilities. For pedestrians, the buffered lanes create a more separation from car traffic, making walking along Fountain Boulevard a more pleasant experience for everyone.

A great start that can be improved

At Bike Colorado Springs, we’re thrilled with this progress! However, we believe there’s room for further improvement:
Protected Bike Lanes – We advocate for upgrading these buffered bike lanes to protected bike lanes where feasible. Protected bike lanes offer an even higher level of safety by using physical barriers to separate cyclists from traffic.
Speed Reduction – Additionally, we recommend a reduction in the speed limit on Fountain Boulevard from the current 40 mph. A lower speed limit would make cycling on this route even safer and more inviting for everyone.

We’re excited about the positive impact these new buffered bike lanes will have on Colorado Springs. By continuing to improve infrastructure and prioritize safety, we can create a city that’s more enjoyable and accessible for bike riders and pedestrians of all backgrounds.

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