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Bike Colorado Springs is now an independent non-profit

Bike Colorado Springs is proud to announce that we are now registered as our own, independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Bike Colorado Springs is grateful for the support TOSC has given us over the years, and we are excited to step out on our own! 

Bike Colorado Springs was first formed in 2015 under the leadership of the The Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC), with the support of individual advocates, cycling club leaders, and local cycling industry representatives. Everybody at the table recognized the need for a united voice for bicyclists in the Pikes Peak Region. There was an understanding that, by coming together, uniting, and speaking with a single voice, we could build greater support to make bicycling in the greater Colorado Springs area better for everyone.

While TOSC, as a well established non-profit, was a great home for Bike COS starting out, it was never intended to be our organization’s forever home. Initially founded as a program of TOSC, In June of 2021, we officially moved Bike COS to be fiscally sponsored by TOSC.

In late 2021, Bike COS began the process of applying for our own 501(c)(3) non-profit status. After considerable work on the part of our Advocacy Chair, the filing was submitted in mid-April of 2022.

This action allows Bike Colorado Springs to remain flexible and mission-driven while allowing us to advocate for the bicyclist and pedestrian improvements that our region needs. TOSC continues to lend its support as we are very synergistic organizations. We will continue to partner where our missions align.

Bike Colorado Springs Mission

Bike Colorado Springs started with the goal of becoming the home for all things bikes in Colorado Springs. While that is still a worthwhile aspiration, that was a bit ambitious for an organization just forming with limited resources. In 2017, we reworked our mission to what you see today.

Making bicycling in the Pikes Peak Region better for people of all ages and abilities by:

Advocating for safe and connected on and off-street bicycle infrastructure
Teaching people how to access and safely use our bicycle network
Uniting businesses, organizations, and individuals who embrace bicycling
Celebrating the strength of a community that pedals

We believe this mission still defines the goals that we are working to achieve while focusing our scope on achievable efforts.

Bike COS Leadership Team

Read more about the team here

Bike COS Leadership Team 2022

Bike Colorado Springs in 2022

Bike COS is very proud of the progress we’ve made over the last seven years. In 2022 we have (among other things) :

How can you help?

In order for us to maintain our momentum and continue and grow, we need your support

You can support Bike COS in many ways; from supporting Bike COS fiscally with a donation, to ommitting your time to do the work needed to make Colorado Springs a better place to ride as a volunteer with Bike COS, to just joining us at a ride or event. If you care about making Colorado Springs a better place to ride a bike, we need your help.

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