Feb 24 Ebike Rebate

Last chance to apply for Colorado E-Bike rebate

Colorado’s popular income qualified E-Bike rebate program is coming to an end, February will be the last month to apply for rebates with the application window open from Monday Feb 12th – Friday Feb 19th. Colorado’s state wide rebate program launched in August 2023 offering e-bike rebates for income-qualifying Coloradans after “Colorado passed the Air Quality Improvement Investments act, which, among other things, earmarked $12 million for electric bike rebate programs”

$450 E-Bike Tax Credit details in April

While funding for the E-Bike rebate has run out, the Colorado Energy Office has announced that details about an upcoming E-Bike Tax Credit will be announced April 1st 2024. All Colorado residents will be eligible to receive this tax credit as a $450 point-of-sale discount on a qualified e-bike purchase from an authorized e-bike retailer through 2032.

Who qualifies for the rebate

If you haven’t recieved a rebate yet, February is your last chance, look below to see if you qualify.

Example: You live in El Paso County. There are 3 people in your household. Your household income would need to be below $66,320 to be eligible for the low-income rebate or below $$82,900 to be eligible for the moderate-income rebate.

Eligible Colorado residents can receive the following incentive amounts for a qualified e-bike purchase. Visit the Colorado Energy Office website to apply and for complete program details

Vouchers can be applied to a new purchase of a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 E-Bike with an electric motor of Electric motor is 750 watts or less, from a Colorado bicycle retailer.

Not Eligible
Full-suspension mountain bikes

E-cargo bikes are eligible for an additional $300 incentive
E-cargo bikes must have an extended frame designed to carry additional people or cargo. E-cargo bikes must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Designed to carry one or more passengers in addition to the rider OR designed to carry heavier or bulkier loads than a traditional bicycle can carry
  • Has an extended frame (long tail, long john, Bakfiet, or box bike)
  • Extended frame has a published cargo load carrying capacity of at least 100 lbs.

More details are at the Colorado Energy Office website, and questions about the program can be directed to Sarah Thorne at sarah.thorne@state.co.us.

Where to Redeem in Colorado Springs

El Paso County In Person Bike Shops eligible for rebate

In-person: Complete list of Participating Colorado E-Bike Rebate shops
Phone-order: Participating Colorado E-Bike Rebate shops

Colorado Spring E-Bike Rules and Recommendations

For information on riding E-Bikes in Colorado Springs take a look at our E-Bike, E-Scooter, and E-Mobility Device page where we go into more detail on which type of e-bikes are allowed where in the City of Colorado Springs

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