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Bike To Work Day 2019

Wednesday June 26th is Bike To Work Day

Bike To Work day is coming and for the 26th year in Colorado Springs This will be a great way to show the people of Colorado Springs how great it is to get around by bike. Please Register for Bike To work Day, to tell the station organizers that you’ll be riding that day.

For more information on Bike To Work Day activities visit the City’s page below

Bike To Work Station Locations

With over 30 breakfast stations for 2019 it is likely that there is at least one between your home and place of work. Be sure to check out the breakfast station map to plan out your route.

Bike Home From work Businesses

For the 2nd year local businesses have jumped on board to support the Bike Home from Work happy hour program. As of now 17 businesses have signed up to provide everything from 10% off beer if you ride, to a Free beer if you show your helmet. Be sure to check out the Bike Home From work map to plan for a refreshing stop on your way home.

Businesses have until Friday the 14th to fill out this form to be included on the Bike Home From Work Happy Hour Map and list.

June should be a month of riding and celebrating the power of bicycles, be sure to check our Calendar for more events coming throughout the month of June.

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