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1st week of bike month activities

It’s Bike Month in Colorado, are you excited? I know we are. June is already shaping up to be a great month for riding. We hope that you’ll join us for the first round of bike month activities coming up this week.

For 2019 we will continue our combined bike event calendar located at This allows interested people to search all related bike events to celebrate Bike Month.

To be included in this year’s event calendar, please click the “Add a Bike Month Event Button” below and complete the form.

Celebrate Cascade Photo Op

Saturday June 8th 9:30-11:30am
This fun, family friendly and family-staffed rest stop will be set up at the SW corner of Cascade and Fontanero where we’ll have drinks, popsicles, and bike themed giveaways.

This intersection demonstrates two of our city’s newest bicycle connections to meet with the regular users and celebrate a great example of safe streets for all.

Our friends at USA Cycling, will have a professional photographer to capture why bikes matter to you at our #BikesMatterCOS Photo Op.

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PopCycle Family Ride With Mayor Suthers

Sunday June 9th 1-3pm
Pedal with Mayor Suthers and his wife Janet to celebrate Bike Month with a family friendly ride… AND POPCICLES!

All ages and abilities welcome (Strider bikes not recommended). Starting at America The Beautiful park, the ride is 6 miles round trip along the Pikes Peak Greenway trail at a very relaxed pace with very little street crossings. We have popsicles half way at the beloved PopCycle Bridge.

Bring your required helmet and bike. We’ll bring the popsicles and the fun!

PopCycle Family Ride with Mayor Suthers – Facebook Event

Sunday June 9th at 11:30AM
If beer and bikes are more you speed this is series is for you! The month of June is Colorado Bike Month, and Cerberus wants you to get on your bike and ride. Join Cerberus for a leisurely group bike ride. The group will be biking to Goat Patch Brewing this weekend. They have several rental bikes available if you need a bike! We will ride to Goat Patch, drink a beer, and ride back to Cerberus to hang out!

Cerberus just added 10 More spots but be sure to register as they will fill up quickly

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