Riding Through Winter

Riding Through winter

Post Series: Winter Riding

Colorado Springs is a great city to ride in year round. While morning can be a bit chilly, 300+ days of sunshine a year make it so winter days often warm into the 50s and any snow is but a remnant in town after a day or two. 

Bicycling in the winter can be a fun, inexpensive and socially distant way to get around or get some exercise this winter. While many people think riding a bike through the winter is not possible in Colorado, cities around the country, and the world, with much harsher climates embrace year round bicycling (Chicago, Minneapolis, Copenhagen pictured below)

Many Colorado residents enjoy outdoor recreation throughout the winter. You may already have what you need to make winter bicycling

 a reality. Whether you’re a cross country skier, downhill skier, snowboarder or snowmobile rider, much of the gear and learning from other winter sports can be easily applied to winter bike riding. 

There are three major aspects that you want to be sure that you consider to make winter bike riding an enjoyable experience.


Layer clothing and choose appropriate layers for the weather, water proof and windproof layers are helpful here.


Your current bike will likely get you around in winter too. Be sure to clean it after wet rides. Fenders, tire choice and tire pressure are also factors to consider.


with shorter days lights are a necessity during winter, you want to be sure that you are visible any time you share the road with cars.

Over our winter biking series of posts we will dive into the details, to make sure your comfortable and safe while riding through our winter.

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