Trail Plaza WAAP

Ridge Road section closure and trail plaza

Progress on the Westside Avenue Action Plan, also known as Colorado and Manitou Ave through “no mans land”, is coming along. Starting January 8th, the short section of Ridge road, between Pikes Peak Ave and Colorado Ave will be permanently closed to make way for a new transit and trail plaza. Ridge road from Garden of the Gods, to the north, will end with a T intersection at Pikes Peak Ave and Ridge Road from Highway 24 will end in a T intersection, eventually with a traffic light, at Colorado Ave. El Paso County officials recommend drivers and cyclists to take Colorado Ave. to S. 36th Street or S. 34th Street to connect with W. Pikes Peak Avenue and Ridge Road.

Below information pulled from KOAA article

“The plaza serves as a pedestrian, transit and bike node along the corridor and improves the aesthetic of the area.  It will also improve overall traffic flow with the addition of a bus lane for pickup and drop off that will be coordinated with the traffic signal phasing,” said Dennis Barron, project manager.

El Paso County said the new plaza and transit area will include a wall between Pikes Peak and Colorado Ave. The new plaza will also have street lights, sidewalks, landscaping, bike racks, a bike repair vending machine, and a Mountain Metro queue jump. a separate lane for buses to pull back into traffic.

Trail and Transit Plaza rendering

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