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Bike Colorado springs has joined forces with our friends at Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates to circulate our 2023 Colorado Springs candidate survey to all candidates for Mayor and City Council. These questions cover roadway safety, transportation infrastructure and planned facilities outlined in city plans. We’ll share these responses with you, our followers, as we receive them, to help you make an informed decision when filling out your ballot this year.

Scroll past our questions for more information on the 2023 races and candidates.

Bicycles as Mobility and Recreation
2023 Colorado Springs Candidate Survey

Question 1 – Do you support ballot issue 1, the TOPS extension?

Question 1 – How will you support policies that assist Colorado Springs residents who want to or must bike, walk, use micro-mobility (E-scooters, E-skateboards, etc…) and take transit as transportation?

Question 2 – Will you support improvements to transportation infrastructure that make walking, biking, and transit safe and convenient for Colorado Springs residents, families, and seniors?

Question 3 – Our off-street urban trail network is the backbone of our non-motorized transportation system. Today many residents are discouraged from using our urban trails due to people living on this critical resource. How will you address the impacts of homelessness, specifically on our urban trail network?

Question 4 – The 2014 Colorado Springs parks system master plan called for the construction of a world class bike park. The Pikeview quarry site in northwest Colorado Springs has been identified as a possible location for such a bike park. Once the state’s requirements for reclamation of this site are completed, will you support acceptance of the donation of the property and support the current plan to transform the property into a world class bike park?

Question 5 – What is your vision for the future of transportation in Colorado Springs?

There are three races that will determine the direction of the city for the next four or more years. Information has been pulled from the city of Colorado Springs “What’s on the April 4, 2023 Ballot” Website. As well as a TOPS Ballot measure which we will go into more detail on in a future post.

Elected positions on the April 4, 2023 ballot will include Mayor, three at-large City Council seats for a four year team, and the unexpired term for City Council District 3 to serve the remaining two years of the term. 

City Council referred a question to the ballot to extend the Trails, Open Space and Parks (TOPS) sales and use tax for 20 years with no increase to the tax. (Resolution No. 03-23)


Mayor John Suthers, has served Colorado Springs for eight years and is term limited. This means, one of these twelve candidates will become our new Mayor. That is, once our election is complete that is; which, will not be until May as, unless a single candidate receives more than 50% of the vote, a run-off election between the top two candidates will be scheduled in May.

City Council At Large

In 2023 all three At-Large City Council seats are up for election without any incumbents running for re-election. Residents will vote for three out of the eleven candidates to represent the whole of the city. Each Councilmember serves a four-year term.

City Council District 3

Unexpired 2-year term
District 3 Represents – West/Southwest (OCC/Broadmoor/Downtown)

This off schedule election for the District 3 City Council representitive is to fill the remainder of Richard Sokman’s term. Skorman was re-elected in 2021 deciding to step down to focus on his business, at which time the city council appointed Stephanie Fortune to fill his seat until the April 2023 Election.

Visit the City’s website more info on all candidates
Names link to Official Campaign websites if provided to the city

District 3 Candidates

Michelle Renee Talarico
Scott Hiller

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