Encouragement and Education Committee Report

The Encouragement and Education Committee (E&E Committee) is one of four working committees that comprise the administrative structure for Bike Colorado Springs.  The Committee has now met twice starting with an introduction and orientation to Bike Colorado Springs and developing a plan to meet monthly for the next six months. We are meeting at Rosco’s Coffee House, 432 W Bijou, at 8:30 AM, the third Thursday of each month. The next meeting is June 16. The committee is open to all and participation is welcomed and needed to create a sustainable encouragement effort.

At our last meeting the following list of potential encouragement activities was brain stormed. In coming meetings these activities will be prioritized and implementation plans established.

List of Encouragement Activities Generated by the Committee

  • Neighborhood rides/events (family friendly)
  • Neighborhood bike clubs
  • Wayfinding and signage development
  • Sunday street closure rides
  • Bike parking at events
  • Theme rides i.e. Full moon rides, holiday rides
  • School bike education, PE curriculum, examples of University student intern/volunteer support
  • Ride to church and use of faith based institution
  • Use of Neighborhood Watch block captains (800) for communications
  • “Nextdoor” communications app for communications
  • Bike Month, Bike to Work Day
  • Food and Drink business discounts for riding to
  • Bike parking at businesses
  • Businesses provide how to here on bike in business information
  • GPS commuter routes and make available through rides systems i.e. Ride with GPS, Mao My Ride
  • Drive Awareness program, police, commercial drives, insurance companies
  • Open streets, temporary car free experiences for a set time (car free block party)
  • Bicycle Ambassador program
  • Target education and encouragement programs i.e. women, families, low income, older adults

If you would like to help generate community excitement around bicycling, please contact Dave Vanderwege and consider joining his committee.

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