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Sinton Trail to be Impacted by I25 Construction

Construction beginning fall 2022 to widening I25 between Fillmore St and Garden of the Gods Rd

This I25 project will include the replacement of the I25 bridge over Ellston St and the Sinton Trail connection

View the CDOT’s website for more details on the project

Bike Colorado Springs has been involved as a stake holder as this project will impact the Sinton Trail, which is a critical east-west corridor in North West Colorado Springs. CDOT has put in thoughtful consideration into the detours and signage; and most importantly is doing the best they can to reduce trail closures under I25 to only the times where a complete closure is required due to safety concerns.

The below images shows the impacted section of I25 and surrounding infrastructure, the red box is identifying the i25 bridge which will be replaced – orange is the Sinton Trail.

Complete closures of Sinton Trail under I25 will be infrequent with five to eight complete closures mostly during off peak hours when performing dangerous maneuvers like placing girders.

The construction and communication teams plan to provide a location with live updates on the status (open or closed) of the trail, sign up for email updates here i25FillmoreGOG@gmail.com . Below are screenshots from the presentation related to the Sinton Trail, sidewalk, bike detours and bike connections. watch the video below for more context

I25 - 2022 construction

Trail detours are still being finalized, below are proposed detours for days when a complete closure is required:

Pikes Peak Greenway from GoG Rd to the Popcycle Bridge
Chestnut from GoG Rd to Fontanero St


Click through to explore an interactive map with routes being impacted and proposed detours


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