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Make an update, improve our score

Take 5 Minutes to check our city’s data

We have until January 31st to update Colorado Springs’ data

We are asking you to take a few Minutes before January 31st to look over your regular bicycle routes and confirm that our infrastructure is accurately reflected on People For Bikes Bicycle Network Analysis. The more accurate our data the more powerful this tool can be for prioritizing and planning future projects. All of our data is pulled from OpenStreetMaps.

Explore bicycle infrastructure that is currently included in Colorado Springs BNA (updated Dec 2020), Select “Bicycle Infrastructure” in the top right

CycleOSM is a service that offers a live, bicycle centric view of OSM Data

Explore the OSMmap to confirm that amenities and destinations that you regularly visit, especially if you visit them by bike, are included in the OpenStreetMap data.

The more complete our data, the more accurate our score. The BNA’s six scoring categories are:

  1. People: Access to other people in the city based on the resident population distribution
  2. Opportunity: Access to jobs and educational institutions
  3. Core Services: Access to critical services such as health care
  4. Recreation: Access to public recreation outlets
  5. Retail: Access to shopping areas
  6. Transit: Access to major transit hubs

If you find missing or incorrect data follow the information below to update OpenStreetMaps or complete the form below to submit an edit for Bike COS to update

For more information on updating our OpenStreetMap Data visit our mapping page linked below

View the 2020 ratings for Colorado Springs

Learn more about the People For Bikes City Rating system by watching their Advocacy Academy Video series

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