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Safer Streets for Everyone: Support Senate Bill 36 Now!

Colorado Springs, let’s prioritize safety for all road users! Senate Bill 36 (SB24-036), the “Vulnerable Road User Protection Enterprise Fund” bill, needs your support. This legislation proposes a dedicated fund to make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians, and it directly benefits our community.

Why should you care?

  • Safety: Cyclist fatalities in Colorado soared by 30% last year. We need dedicated funding to build protected bike lanes, improve crosswalks, and create safer routes for everyone.
  • Health: More people cycling and walking means a healthier community. Reduced car dependence promotes physical activity and combats chronic diseases.
  • Economy: Studies show investments in cycling infrastructure generate millions in annual economic activity. Local businesses thrive when people can easily access amenities on foot or bike.
  • Community: Safer streets foster a more vibrant and connected city. Imagine kids biking to school, families enjoying car-free outings, and a boost in tourism!

Support Colorado State Senate Bill 36 Creating the Vulnerable Road User Protection Enterprise Fund

You can help establish a dedicated source of funding for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure to improve road safety in Colorado!

NOTE – Adding a personal experience and local context to the form letter can make it more impactful by creating an emotional connection, demonstrating the real-life consequences of their decision, and making them more likely to remember your message.

Senate Bill 36 would fund safer streets like parking protected bike lanes on Pikes Peak Ave in Downtown COS

Together, we can make Colorado Springs a leader in safe and sustainable transportation.


Below text is from People For Bikes Action Center

If approved, the Vulnerable Road User Protection Enterprise Fund would dedicate funding to build infrastructure that improves safety for all road users (such as bike lanes, crossings, and speed cameras). This funding would come from an annual weight- and size-based registration fee on personal vehicles in the state’s 12 most populous counties.

Vehicles that are larger in size and heavier in weight increase the likelihood of fatal outcomes for bicyclists and pedestrians who are struck by the vehicle. Alarming statistics show that from 2002 to 2022, the number of bicyclist and pedestrian deaths rose by 63% while the number of deaths of vehicle occupants declined by 18% (Bicycle Colorado). The Vulnerable Road User Protection Enterprise will be a sustainable source of revenue estimated to generate around $20 million for safer bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure annually.

People for Bikes Action Center

Addressing Concerns:

We understand concerns about potential budget impacts. As referenced above, Senate Bill 36 implements a tiered fee on passenger cars and light trucks based on weight and configuration. This means smaller, safer, and more energy-efficient vehicles pay less.

It’s time to act!

Join us in advocating for safer streets. Here’s how:

  • Write a letter to your State Representatives: Share your thoughts and personal experience urging them to support Senate Bill 36 through the button above.
  • Tell your neighbors and friends: Spread the word and encourage them to take action by sharing a personal story.
  • Attend a community meeting: Stay informed and connect with other advocates. Speak in front of City Council or speak at the hearing once dates are announced.

Remember, safe streets benefit everyone. Take action today and support Senate Bill 36! Let’s make Colorado Springs a city where everyone feels safe and welcome on the road!

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