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Bike Colorado Springs supports PlanCOS

your bike club or organization can support PlanCOS

PlanCOS is being presented before the City Council (Tuesday January 8th 1:00 p.m. at City Hall – 107 N. Nevada Ave) for the first of two times before being voted on by City Council on January 22nd. If your  organization agrees with this vision to make Colorado Springs a more bikable and walkable place we welcome your organization to sign on to this letter as a show of support as PlanCOS is presented before City council.

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Currently eight organizations have signed onto our letter supporting Plan COS
Southern Colorado Velo – COS RacingInnovations in Aging Collaborative/Age Friendly Colorado Springs – Pedals and Pints – Deerfield Hills Community Center & Bicycle Library Colorado Springs Cycling Club – Pikes Peak Web DesignFront Rangers Juniors Cycling

Visit the city’s PlanCOS website and view the current PlanCOS Draft Plan

PDF version of Bike Colorado Springs letter of support for PlanCOS

Bike Colorado Springs PlanCOS statement of support

PlanCOS is the first time since 2001 that Colorado Springs has created a comprehensive plan for the city’s future.  This plan has been shaped by residents from all over our city with 274 outreach meetings and two surveys generating 5,146 responses during this two year process. PlanCOS will be used as guiding document, shaping the vision of our city for the next 20 to 30 years. Comprehensive plans address all aspects of city life with transportation affecting all of us on a daily basis, “The Importance of Connections” is one of the seven key sections of this update. PlanCOS lays out an inclusive approach to connecting citizens throughout our city recognizing that providing safe choices for all modes of travel is critical to the success of our city.

Throughout the planning process, hundreds of meetings and other outreach efforts were used to gather community input to ensure resident input were heard and included.

Colorado Springs is large with neighborhoods of varied types. PlanCOS understands that there isn’t a one size fits all approach and that different types of neighborhoods need different solutions to be vibrant and successful. Bike Colorado Springs (BCS) agrees that one key to make neighborhoods successful is the existence of safe connections that encourage walking and biking. One way this can be achieved is by linking our city’s extensive off-street trail network to stores, restaurants, recreation opportunities and other community destinations via on-street connections as outlined by the newly adopted Bicycle Master Plan. While most miles traveled will still be by car, we align to the vision of PlanCOS that a system that safely accommodates bicyclists, pedestrians, and mass transit will be a more efficient and cost effective transportation solution. As our city grows and evolves, transportation choices will become more important to our city’s quality of life and overall success.

links to and alignment with existing and future multimodal transportation systems, the city’s trails and green infrastructure network, and the city’s neighborhoods.

PlanCOS spells out a vision for Colorado Springs where “our best places will be walkable and pedestrian-friendly, be accessible by bicycle and mass transit, and be responsive to individual motor vehicle demand”. Great neighborhoods are key to our city’s success; BCS believes that walkability and bikeability are crucial to making these neighborhoods successful. With trends pointing to newer generations driving less and older generations expected to “age in place”,  more safe ways to get around our neighborhoods without driving will be desired in the coming years. As our city grows, new development and infill development must be in a manner that doesn’t rely solely on a car for all trips. BCS supports the key PlanCOS strategy for building successful neighborhoods where land use and zoning supports businesses and destinations of interest within walking or biking distance of residential areas.

Bike Colorado Springs is working to build a more bicycle friendly city that is safe for our residents no matter their chosen transportation type, this is why we ask that supporters of safe bicycle infrastructure support the city’s new comprehensive plan. Bike Colorado Springs believes that this updated vision for the future of Colorado Springs positions us to grow successfully by attracting new residents and business while improving the city’s livability for it’s current residents.

As our city becomes larger and more diverse, the economic and community value of a smart and multimodal system will become even more vital to our success and quality of life

PlanCOS support letter PDF

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