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EMail Newsletter August 2020

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EMail Newsletter August 2020:

The City Needs Your Input, Early Bird at GoG & More

The Pandemic has played major role in day to day life of residents of the Pikes Peak region this summer. Bikes have become a bigger piece many people’s lives both as forms of transportation and recreation. This summer has been transformational for BikeCOS as well.

Read on to learn how you can celebrate bikes in our city and help improve bicycling locally.

Morning at GoG
5-8am Wednesday Sept. 2nd

Enjoy a morning of motorless operations opening road to Hikers, Runner, and Bike Riders only.

Early Bird Hike & Bike

BikeCOS has been part of ongoing conversations with members of city council and Parks staff, in hopes of expanding motorless operations. We believe that these aren’t events they are a reasonable operating condition. We will have our bike ambassadors to help Parks staff with operations.

ConnectCOS Survey

Survey Closes Sept 11th
If you walk, ride a bike, take transit, or drive a vehicle in Colorado Springs the city wants to hear from you – Learn More

Survey Link –  Interactive Map Link

ConnectCOS will lay out the next 20 years of transportation planning in Colorado Springs. The plan will take place over the next year , identifing and prioritizing short and long-term transportation projects to ensure that the mobility needs of people people that live, work and play in Colorado Springs are met.

Bike Colorado Springs started this summer as a more independent organization

Bike Colorado Springs was founded in 2015 as “a program” of  Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC) as it was still in its developmental stages. As of June 2020 TOSC has become the “fiscal sponsor” of Bike Colorado Springs. TOSC continues to lend its support in a myriad of ways and remain a partner for initiatives where our missions align.

This change in our relationship is another step in the overall success of bicycle advocacy in Colorado Springs allowing Bike Colorado Springs to become more self-directed and autonomous.

BikeCOS Planning for the future

Since BikeCOS is in a time of transition and has a largely new Leadership team, we have decided that we will revisit our goals, committees and leadership structure through an official strategic planning process to set an appropriate course for the organization into the future.

Read more about our structure and leadership on our About Us Page

We thank Allen Beauchamp for his ongoing dedication to Bicycle Advocacy
Allen Beauchamp, a founding member of Bike Colorado Springs, has stepped down from his role as the BikeCOS Engagement Committee. Allen has been integral to the growth and success of BikeCOS and will stay involved in activities related to SE COS and our Outreach committee as a BikeCOS Ambasador. Allen will continue advocating for bicycles through the Trails and Open Space Coalition and his work with the Colorado Springs Therapeutic Recreation Program.
Help Bike Colorado Springs Strive
As BikeCOS moves in a more independent direction we need your support more than ever. Please join us as a memberambasador, or voulenteer and help spread the word about the good bicycles bring to our community. If you like what Bike Colorado Springs is doing we ask you to invite fellow supporters of safe bike infrastructure to support Bike Colorado Springs. Please join with all of us at Bike Colorado Springs in lending your voice when we need pro-bike voices heard.
Show your support for bikes in the Pikes Peak Region by making a donation for some BCS Clothing.

Online tools for a more Bike Friendly COS

Bike Parking Resources
We have kicked off a campaign to improve bike parking in COS and better communicate how and where to park bicycles in the city. In researching this we were reminded that a bike parking ordinance was defined as part of the Bike Master Plan. BikeCOS is in the process of drafting recommendations for a bike parking ordinance to be included in RetoolCOS – Zoning Ordinance Update that is now in process.  We now have Bike Parking resources live on our website and have communicated it across social media
BikeCOS Bike Parking Resources link

Mapping Information

We have updated information on getting around our city with all current city bike maps
Bike Maps for Navigation COS 

If you have mapping experience or just an interest in us improve mapping in COS learn more about what’s needed to improve bicycle navigation in our region

Bike Masterplan Information

We have added a page on our website devoted to the bicycle masterplan which is key for guiding bicycle infrastructure developments and programs aimed at increasing bicycling in Colorado Springs. BikeCOS is involved with many aspects called out in the master plan. We believe that it is important to call out the guidance which is defined in this plan as we take strides to implement these recommendations.

BikeCOS Bike Masterplan page

Bike To Biz COS Facebook Group
Discuss more about getting to your favorite business by bike. Routes, Tips and Tricks for using a bicycle for using a bicycle for transportation locally.

Cycle The Springs Facebook Group
Talk about anything and everything related to bike riding in the Pikes Peak region. Learn about great rides the region has to offer from local riders.

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