New Leader of Education Committee

Welcome Joan Stang as BCS Education Committee Chair

We are happy to officially welcome Joan Stang to Bike Colorado Springs leadership team as the Education Committee Chair. Thanks to Joan’s hard work and help from Bicycle Colorado, Colorado Springs has a strong and established Bicycle Friendly Driver program. Joan has helped put on multiple Bicycle Friendly Driver Courses, Train The Trainer courses, and Courses for the drivers of Mountain Metro Transportation. Joan has also been instrumental in organizing meeting with the Colorado Springs police department to discuss both enforcement and education.  We are now in the process of building out the Education Team, if you are interested in helping with education efforts please reach out to Joan at the email below.

We will keep our followers informed when the first meeting of the new BCS Education Committee will take place.

Bike Colorado Springs Rolls Out Rack Cards & Bike Friendly Driver Posters

Bike Colorado Springs (BCS) is excited to announce the printing of its first batch of advertising brochures and Bike Friendly Driver posters! All made possible thanks to generosity of Bicycle Colorado and funds from the Road to Zero Innovation Grant awarded in 2018.

The BCS rack cards provide a way to inform community members how to connect with a nonprofit organization that has their back when it comes to advocating, educating, uniting, and celebrating all things bicycles. The Bike Friendly Driver posters challenge motorists to test their street smarts at a 90 minute driver ed class called Bicycle Friendly Driver.

Do you own a business or would you be able to post a flyer where you work? Reach out to BCS we would be happy to provide you with rack cards or flyers to distribute or display.

You can find information on how to join both BCS and Bicycle Colorado, and how to sign up for a free Bike Friendly Driver class here.

Become members today and let your dollars make a difference in our community!

Joan Stang

Hi there. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I’m just an ordinary person like you. I want to be safe on our roadways just like everyone who is out there getting from point A to point B, day in and day out. To expect other users to be courteous and polite and to share the road and communicate their intentions—whether it be in a car, walking, or on a bicycle.

I’m not asking you to get on a bike or to stop driving. It’s about having a choice. I am certain one day Colorado Springs will experience true gridlock. We will appreciate the green spaces and infrastructure that allows for a viable mass transit system and a walkable and rideable community.

For me, it all started in Alaska where I grew up. Commuting via bicycle as a way to not only exercise but also get out and enjoy the great outdoors. I then dabbled in amateur road racing while living in Honolulu, Hawaii commuting to work as a means to train and avoid sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. In 1991, I moved to Colorado Springs and continued racing and commuting to stay in shape and do my little part to help mother nature. Eventually, my focus turned to equestrian interests and I gave up racing but continued to commute by bike. In 2012, I was seriously hit by a distracted driver. Luckily, I walked away without any broken bones. Four years later, I quit my DoD job after almost 15 years and decided it was time to do something to help educate drivers that there are other users on the road. All we ask for is to look out for us and to share the infrastructure. Today, my husband and I enjoy vacations on our tandem bicycle.

That’s it. If you think you would like to join the effort in getting the word out that our roadways are a shared resource and that others want options to get around other than a singly occupied vehicle, than send me an email. We are looking for ambassadors like you to join the movement.

Thank you.

Joan Stang

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