Motorless Morning

Last chances for 2023 to Experience the Motorless Morning and Early Bird Hike and Bike

Early Bird Hike and Bike
Wednesday September 27th 5am-8am

Motorless Morning
Sunday October 15th 5am-Noon

Bike Colorado Springs is looking for volunteers. If you can help on Wednesday September 27th 6 – 8 am please register here:×3987

Have you experienced Garden of the Gods Park without cars? September 27th and October 15th are your last chances for 2023 to experience the Motorless Morning and Early Bird Hike and Bike in Garden of the Gods Park. The upcoming Wednesday and Sunday events will be close Garden of the Gods park to vehicles (but be open to people on foot and bikes) from 5am – 8am on Wednesday Sept 27 and from 5am – Noon for the last Motorless Morning of 2023 on Sunday October 15th.

We thank the Colorado Springs Parks Recreation and Cultural Services department for keeping Motorless Morning and Early Bird Hike and Bike as the great, unique experiences they have been since the first Motorless Morning in 2018. We especially thank parks staff April Allen for managing volunteers and newly named GoG Manager Anna Cordova for making these motorless event happen and go so smoothly.

All park rules and regulations, including speed limits, apply; there will be designated slow zones and one-way traffic. The one exception to park rules is that skateboarding and longboarding are allowed on park roads during Motorless Morning but not on the Wednesday Early Bird Hike and Bike events.

Visitors may encounter bicyclists and ebikers, hikers and runners, skateboards, and visitors with dogs. Please be considerate of others and share the trails and the road so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable time.

Check out the rules of road and other useful information at the city websites linked below

Motorless Mornings are weekend events from 5am-Noon kicking off (April) and closing (October) the warm season.

2023 Motorless Morning Dates Below:
Saturday April 29th
Sunday October 15th

Early Bird Hike and Bike events 5-8am the last Wednesday of each month from May through September .

2023 Early Bird Hike and Bike Dates Below:
May 31st
June 28th
July 26th
August 30th
September 27th

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