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Henry Guzman

Henry Guzman
MARCH 22, 1954 – MARCH 24, 2020

Henry Guzman, age 66, was killed by a motorist on March 24, 2020 while he was riding his bicycle on North Wahsatch Ave This was the fifth traffic fatality of the year and the first bicycle related fatality of the year at the time.

Henry was a familiar face in the Colorado Springs bicycle community. He was the founding member of PnP Colorado Springs, a casual offshoot of the Denver area Pedals and Pints. The group was intended to be friendly and social, and to encourage people to get out and enjoy Colorado Springs by riding a bike.

Henry had a Facebook page for PnP, and anyone could join, and he would arrange rides and post the details, and we would meet at a brewery and see who showed up, and eventually round everyone up and head out for an afternoon ride.

The goal wasn’t fitness, although that naturally happened … the goal was to create community. We laughed and sang and marveled at the beautiful place that we lived in. We would get to the brewery and do a headcount, have a beer and socialize. The community aspect was the most important thing to Henry. He loved drinking beer, and he loved cycling, but most of all he loved seeing everyone together and enjoying each other’s company.

– Troy Folger

Henry Guzman doing what he loved, riding his bike with others

The bicycling community erected a temporary “ghost bike” memorial at 1323 North Wahsatch Ave where he lost his life which was removed over the 2020 Labor Day weekend. A “ghost bike” is a bicycle painted all white to commemorate the rider. It also serves as a reminder to motorists to exercise care when operating a motor vehicle on streets shared by vulnerable users.

Henry's Ghost Bike - 1323 N Wahsatch Ave

Friends and family have shared their memories of Henry which you can find here:

The temporary memorial was removed over the 2020 Labor Day weekend. It is with deep gratitude that we thank the neighbors for allowing us to place the “ghost bike” memorial at the front of their houses.

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