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Colorado Springs Explores E-Scooter Share

E-Scooter Pilot Launching October 6th 2021

E-scooters are a popular mode of “micro-mobility” transportation in cities across America and now in Colorado Springs.  The City of Colorado Springs is conducting a one-year pilot program beginning October 2021 and has selected the scooter sharing operators Lime and Veo to participate in the pilot.

For more information on the 2021 E-Scooter Pilot visit the city’s website on the project

The City of Colorado Springs is Exploring Scooter share with the opening of their Request for Proposal (RFP) in late February. The RFP closed on March 24, 2021 with the Award of Contract Tentatively decided on in March 2021.

While our focus at Bike Colorado Springs is making bicycling better in our region, we believe that Electric Scooters, and other micromobility solutions will play a role in our region’s urban transportation landscape during the next few years. Bike COS Supports the addition of E-Scooters to our urban mobility environment and believes that more E-Scooters will help build a stronger case for safe, connected infrastructure for bike riders, scooter users, and other micromobility users.

During the RFP process some scooter share vendors have reached out to us, and while we will be supportive of E-Scooter share in Colorado Springs and whichever vendor(s) the city chooses, Bike COS chooses not to endorse any scooter share provider.

We are excited for more mobility options to become available for people getting around our city. The RFP, open now, is for a one year pilot project with the option to be extended. Colorado Springs currently has a successful non-profit electric bike share program through PikeRide.

We believe that this non-profit model has successfully served the needs of our community during these ever changing times. We are hopeful that whoever is selected through the RFP process will partner with Bike Colorado Springs to make our city a safer and easier place to get around regardless of how people decided to get around.

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