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COS Parks E-Bike Survey LIVE NOW

The City of Colorado Springs Parks Department is excited to announce their new E-Bike Survey is live! E-bikes are a fun and sustainable way to explore the beautiful trails around Colorado Springs, but it’s important to have clear rules in place to ensure safety and enjoyment for everyone.

This survey is your chance to share your thoughts and experiences with e-bikes on trails. Your input will help shape a balanced policy that promotes responsible e-bike use and expands access opportunities for all trail users.

Bike COS Statement on E-Mobility on Urban Trails

Bike Colorado Springs is disappointed that the recent e-bike survey for Colorado Springs parks trails didn’t encompass all classes of e-bikes and emerging e-mobility devices like scooters and one-wheels. We believe safe integration of these devices onto our urban trails is achievable with clear and well-defined regulations. This approach presents a missed opportunity to expand safe and responsible transportation options, potentially reducing traffic congestion and contributing to a more sustainable Colorado Springs.

We urge the community to participate in the survey and advocate for safe and responsible e-mobility access on our urban trails. By working together, we can create a vibrant network that caters to all users and fosters a more sustainable transportation future for Colorado Springs.

City E-Bike Survey Live through Aug 4th

The COS Parks E-Bike Survey is your chance to shape e-bike access on our urban trails, the backbone of our city’s eco-friendly transportation network. E-bikes offer expanded exploration, promote sustainability, and make trails more inclusive. Take the survey by August 4th to help shape a safe and vibrant mobility network for all, ensuring a future for e-bikes on our urban trails!

Additional comments can be sent to

Have you ever thought about ditching traffic jams and arriving at work feeling energized? Or exploring scenic trails further without getting winded? E-bikes are revolutionizing the way people get around, offering a fun, convenient, and healthy alternative to traditional transportation. But the benefits of e-bikes go beyond the individual rider. They contribute to a cleaner environment, a more vibrant city, and a more accessible way to get around for people of all ages and abilities.

E-bike Legality in Colorado Springs:

Currently, Class 1 e-bikes are legal on all urban trails, roads, and bike lanes in Colorado Springs and must meet these requirements to be considered Class 1:

  • Class 1 Definition:
    • Motor power: Under 750 watts.
    • Motor operation: Assists pedaling only (no throttle).
    • Speed limit: 20 mph on pedal assist.

Know that not everything with two wheels and pedals is considered an E-Bike. If the speed is not limited and/or the power rating is above 750 watts, this falls under a different classification and while it may be allowed in bike lanes, it is not allowed on our urban trail network.

E-Mobility on Urban Trails:
While Class 1 e-bikes are legal on urban trails, e-mobility devices, like scooters and one-wheels are not legal on any Colorado Springs’ trails, urban or otherwise.

For more information on e-bike definitions and what’s allowed on different infrastructure in and around Colorado Springs, visit the Bike Colorado Springs resource page: E-Bikes, E-Scooters & E-Mobility Devices

E-bikes Explained:

Now that you know the legalities, let’s explore the world of e-bikes! E-bikes are regular bicycles equipped with an electric motor that provides a boost when you pedal. This makes riding easier, especially on hills or longer distances. E-bikes are a great option for the same reasons listed, but also offer a glimpse into the future of e-mobility.

E-Mobility on the Horizon:

While the legal status of emerging e-mobility devices like scooters and one-wheels on urban trails is still being determined, their growing popularity highlights the increasing demand for sustainable and accessible transportation options. E-bikes pave the way for these devices, offering similar benefits:

  • Reduced Traffic Congestion: E-mobility devices, including e-bikes, can help reduce traffic congestion by providing a convenient alternative to cars for short trips.
  • Environmentally Friendly: E-mobility devices are electric and produce zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.
  • Accessible Transportation: E-mobility devices can make transportation more accessible to people of all ages and abilities, similar to e-bikes.

The Future of Transportation:

The City of Colorado Springs already allows e-mobility devices in our on-street Bike Lanes but we believe they can be safely integrated into the city’s transportation infrastructure. This includes potentially allowing them on urban trails with clear regulations.

E-bikes are a great option for:

  • Commuters: Beat traffic jams and arrive at work feeling energized.
  • Recreational Riders: Explore further and enjoy scenic rides without getting winded.
  • Fitness Enthusiasts: Add a new dimension to your workout routine.
  • Anyone Who Wants to Ride a Bike: E-bikes make cycling accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels, including older adults who may find traditional cycling challenging.
  • Errand Runners: E-bikes are a convenient and eco-friendly way to run errands around town. No more searching for parking or waiting in traffic!

E-bikes for Every Need:

In addition to standard e-bikes, there are also cargo e-bikes built to carry even more weight and even passengers! This makes them perfect for:

  • Grocery Shopping: Ditch the car and fill your cargo basket with groceries. E-bikes can handle surprising loads!
  • Family outings: Take your kids for a ride! Many cargo e-bikes have comfortable seating options for passengers.

Affordable, Healthy, and Sustainable:

E-bikes and E-Mobility offer a multitude of benefits:

  • Affordability: Compared to car ownership, e-bikes, scooters and the like are a much more budget-friendly way to get around. You’ll save on gas, parking, and insurance.
  • Health: E-bikes encourage physical activity, even on challenging rides. You’ll get your heart rate up and improve your fitness level. E-bikes are also a low-impact exercise, making them easier on joints than traditional cycling, which can be beneficial for older riders.
  • Sustainability: E-bikes and scooters are a clean, zero-emission mode of transportation. Reduce your carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier environment.

Help Shape the Future of E-bikes in Colorado Springs!

The City of Colorado Springs is developing a new e-bike policy to ensure safe and enjoyable riding for everyone. They need your input!

Take the City’s E-Bike Survey: Your voice matters! Share your experiences with e-bikes and help create a balanced policy that promotes safe and responsible e-bike use. The survey closes on August 4th: https://coloradosprings.gov/Ebike-input

Together, let’s make Colorado Springs a leader in sustainable transportation and a city where everyone can enjoy the benefits of cycling!

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