Westside Bicycle Boulevards April 25

Calling all Westside Neighbors! Shape a safer, more vibrant community!

The City of Colorado Springs is hosting a neighbor-focused meeting on Thursday, April 25th, from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM to discuss the exciting Midland Corridor Bike Boulevards project. Join your fellow Westside neighbors at the Westside Community Center (1628 West Bijou St, 80904) to learn more, share your thoughts, and help create a more livable Westside!

What to expect at the meeting:

  • Project overview: City representatives will present potential designs for bike boulevards along Cucharras Street and Pikes Peak Avenue. These boulevards aim to create a safe and comfortable connection between the Midland Trail and surrounding neighborhoods, benefiting people on bikes and on foot alike.
  • Feedback update: Hear a summary of the feedback received so far, and see how your voice can contribute to the project’s direction.
  • Your voice matters: This is your chance to share your thoughts and priorities for the project. Let the city know how these bike boulevards can best serve you and your community.

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Below is a condensed version of the presentation from December 7th full presentation PDF Available Here

Read about the December meeting and possible treatments on our December Bicycle Boulevard recap post

Why are bike boulevards important?

Bike boulevards are low-traffic streets designed with people in mind, not just cars. They typically feature traffic calming measures like shared lane markings, bike-friendly medians, and features to slow down car traffic. This creates a safer and more inviting space for everyone to get around, whether on bikes, walking, or using a stroller.

Benefits for everyone:

  • Safer streets for people on bikes and on foot: Reduced traffic speeds and improved visibility create a calmer environment for everyone.
  • Quieter neighborhoods: Less car traffic and slower speeds mean a significant reduction in traffic noise, creating a more peaceful environment for residents.
  • More vibrant community: Bike boulevards encourage people to get outside, walk to local businesses, and connect with their neighbors.
  • Improved air quality: Encouraging walking and biking helps reduce car emissions and contributes to cleaner air.
  • Healthier community: Walking and cycling are great ways to get exercise and stay active!

    Read more about bicycle boulevards here
Proposed bicycle boulevards as recommended in Midland Corridor transportation study

Let’s talk about some challenges:

While the City’s plan to utilize Pikes Peak Ave and Cucharras St for bike boulevards has potential, there are some concerns that neighbors have raised:

  • Challenging Climb on Pikes Peak Ave: The steep climb between 25th and 28th Streets can be daunting for casual cyclists, especially families. Can the design address this challenge? One possible solution is to explore an alternative route using Colorado Ave with protected bike lanes.
  • Limited Access to Businesses: Many popular destinations are located on Colorado Ave. Routing cyclists onto quieter side streets reduces their ability to access these businesses easily. Can the project explore ways to include dedicated bike connections on Colorado Ave, particularly through the commercial corridors?
  • Safety Concerns at Cucharras and 21st St: This intersection is currently dangerous to cross for pedestrians and cyclists. How will the project address safety concerns at this specific location?
  • Connecting to Downtown: Currently, neither Pikes Peak Ave nor Cucharras St provide a direct connection to Downtown Colorado Springs. The proposed off-street connection at Walnut Street may create conflicts between pedestrians and waiting transit riders. What are the plans to create seamless connections with clear signage at these connections?

Learn more:

Make your voice heard!

This meeting is your chance to be part of the solution! Attend on April 25th and let the City know how you envision a safer, quieter, and more vibrant Westside for everyone. Share your thoughts on the proposed plans and raise any additional concerns you may have.

Together, we can create a community that’s great for people of all ages and abilities!

Additional projects proposed by the Larger Midland Corridor Transportation Study

Midland Trail Improvements

PPRTA3 which residents we voted on in 2022, starts funding projects in 2025 and the missing segment of the Midland Trail between 25th and 21st street was one of the projects identified on the list. The graphic on the left are the proposed alignments identified in the Midland Corridor study which are less than ideal as users would cross under 21st street then re-connect to the trail by using 21st street.

Cucharras/Midland/21st Street

The City’s team agreed that the intersection of Cucharras/Midland Trail at 21st street is a concern that will be addressed with a separate project. Please mention in the survey that this this intersection should be a high priority for a safe bike and pedestrian crossing

Colorado Ave treatment

While not being addressed by this study the Midland corridor study was adopted about two years recommending a lane reduction on portions of Colorado Ave west of Limit St. There are two separate projects, both being funded through PPRTA starting in 2025 at the earliest.

One project is Colorado Ave from Limit St to 21st Street calling for a 4 to 3 lane reduction

The segment from 21st to 28th in Old Colorado City is a big reconstruction project that already received 720K in additional federal funding through a CDOT Grant Transportation alternatives grant to “improve pedestrian safety, transit access, and connectivity with the bicycling network.”

Click here for the complete midland corridor study PDF

Note from the Author

If you made it this far here’s a little context on the header image, this is Cully Radvillas our Communication chair (and author of this article) riding his whole family in his cargo bike on Pikes Peak Ave. Safe east west access connecting Manitou Springs to Downtown Colorado Springs is very important to the Bike Colorado Springs team.

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