Safer Roads Southeast (1)

2nd SouthEast Safety Digital Meeting Tues July 14th

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the first virtual presentation about the Safer Roads SouthEast Proposal.  If you were unable to attend please click the links below for a copy of the presentation from the meeting on July 3rd in both English and Spanish as well as a recording of the meeting.

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Please take the survey below to provide your preference and feedback on the proposals from the 2nd meeting

The PowerPoint presentation from the 2nd meeting is available at the link below

Digital Public Meeting #2

SE English PowerPoint Presentation

SE proposed bicycle infrastructure

SE Spanish PowerPoint Presentation

Recording - Safer Roads Southeast presentation - June 30, 2020

Bike Master Plan – Bicycle Facility Tool Box

As part of the COS Bikes! – The Colorado Springs Bicycle master-plan, which was unanimously adopted by city council in April 2018, The Toolbox was developed to guide the City and its partners in selecting and designing appropriate bicycle facilities. The Toolbox is research-based and uses nationally-accepted best practices, including the following standards and guidelines.

Bicycle Facility Overview

A visualization included in The Toolbox that shows the relative comfort of different types of bicycle facilities.

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