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Bike Master Plan Voted on by City Council April 10th

Bike Colorado Springs is supportive of the Colorado Springs Bike Master plan as this Critical document will act as a guide for all future bicycle projects, infrastructure and otherwise, throughout our city. Much has changed in our city as well as in bike planning since our last Bike Master Plan was adopted in 1996. This new Bike Master plan will help drive much needed updates to city policy while also establishing a vision for the level of programming and bike infrastructure that Colorado Springs can provide across the entire city.

“A core responsibility of government is to make it easy for people to get where they need to go. For decades Colorado Springs excelled at this task, for the people who got around in a car. Not everyone gets around in a car, however” The ” There is increasing recognition that government should make it easy for all people to get around, whether they are walking, biking, taking a bus, or driving. “

The Colorado Springs bike Master Plan is currently in its final draft form and will be presented to City Council for the first time during their work session on April 3rd. This isn’t the first time that you’ve heard about the Bike Master plan from us, but as it goes in front of City Council and the Mayor it is important that they hear about the importance of the plan from its supporters.

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Please read through the Colorado Springs Bike Master plan here

Colorado Springs Bicycle Masterplan (PDF)

More information about how the plan came about, the plan itself as well as the appendices are included on the City’s Bike Plan Site

The Bicycle Master Plan will be presented before City Council for approval April 10th 2018

The City Council meeting starts at 1 pm in the Council Chambers which are located on the 3rd floor of City Hall. We will be asking supporters in attendance to stand, with helmets in hand, to show the level of support that exists in the community for the bike master plan. If you cannot attend the City Council meeting in person on April 10th, please send an email to the Mayor, in addition to your City Council representative, in support of the Bike Master Plan.

A brief history of the Colorado Springs Bicycle Master plan

Work on the bicycle masterplan started in 2015, when Toole Design Group was brought in as a consultant on the project. Toole Design Group is a leading planning and engineering company that has designed bike plans for numerous cities around the country. While the Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan benefits from TDG’s experience around the county, our plan we constructed through months of research, interviews, public input and sight visits. All of this culminated with an open house in May of 2017 where the Consultants from TDG solicited input from the 250 plus people in attendance. This process has formed a Colorado Springs plan was designed with our specific local needs in mind.
“COS Bikes! lays the foundation for the city to unlock its bicycling potential by creating a more inviting environment so that biking is an enjoyable, dependable, and safe travel option for everyone. This Plan provides a roadmap for success and strategies to strengthen the city’s support of bicycling, build a connected on-street bikeway network, and increase the number of people bicycling safely.”

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