Research Parkway “Rightsizing” Project

City of Colorado Springs

Various types of bike lane configurations.

Bike Colorado Springs, working within our mission of “Transforming the Pikes Peak Region into a Vibrant and Connected Community that is Safe and Accessible for People on Bikes“, is encouraged by the “right-sizing” projects being considered by the City of Colorado Springs Public Works Department and how these can be utilized to create the greater low-stress, connected network we as a community need to become a more cycling-friendly city for our residents and the many tourists that enjoy visiting the Pikes Peak Region.

Allen Beauchamp – Chair, Bike Colorado Springs

Position Statement by Bike Colorado Springs

Bike Colorado Springs recognizes and supports the efforts of the City of Colorado Springs to make the City a more bicycle friendly community. Therefore, we agree with the City’s proposed plan for “right-sizing” (the reallocation of streets space to better serve its full range of user improvements) Research Parkway on the City’s north side. This plan would repurpose one lane in each direction for bicycles. The plan is consistent with the City’s Complete Streets policy, its intent to be more bicycle-friendly and its desire for a more connected network of bicycle infrastructure. It also supports our designation as a Silver Level Bicycle Friendly City by the League of American Bicyclists.

Here’s why this project makes so much sense:

  • At a very modest cost, it would provide a net gain of more than 3 miles of dedicated, buffered bike lanes with the strategic application of flexible delineators and green paint for conflict points;
  • Research Parkway has been identified as a key regional east-west route on the north side by the recent adopted Regional Non-motorized System Plan, in an area of the city where bicycle riders have requested that the City install more facilities;
  • This plan provides links to 6 different, disconnected pieces of existing infrastructure, city trails, neighborhood trails and on-street bike lanes adding tremendous value to our non-motorized transportation and recreational network;
  • Research Parkway was designed as a 6 lane road to carry substantial volumes of traffic; that traffic load is now being carried by Briargate Parkway. For comparison:
    • Research Parkway carries on 6 lanes a daily traffic volume of 20,114 (east of Voyager) to 22,108 (east of Lexington). This volume is less than many 4 lane streets in Colorado Springs. Some examples include:
      • Fillmore Street west of Centennial (24,404);
      • Palmer Park Boulevard east of Powers (22,226);
      • Uintah Street west of I-25 (25,507); and
      • Woodmen west of Marksheffel (25,623).
    • Traffic speeds are high; average weekday travel speeds, which include the delay caused by signalized intersections and any congestion, ranges as high as the posted speed limit.

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The City is currently soliciting public input on this proposed project. Bike Colorado Springs urges you to voice your opinion in support of this project. Please provide comments of support by emailing Public Works project staff at by June 22.

This project represents a big step forward in making our City a more vibrant interconnected place to live and work.