Bike Colorado Springs is a project of the Trails and Open Space Coalition (TOSC). The project aims to promote safe bicycling and the development and maintenance bicycling infrastructure. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Bike Colorado Springs is to transform the Pikes Peak Region into a vibrant and connected community that is safe and accessible for people on bikes.


  • Increase communication and collaboration around bicycling issues;
  • Advocate for improved bicycle infrastructure;
  • Educate about and encourage bicycling;
  • Increase the economic and human vitality of our community.

Organizational Structure

As a project of TOSC, Bike Colorado Springs does not have a Board of Directors but, rather, has a Steering Committee composed of the four committee chairs and the Executive Director of TOSC. Below are bios for each Committee Chair and TOSC executive Director including contact information.

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is chaired by Cory Sutela. The Advocacy Committee promotes and advances local and regional legislation, policy and funding for increased non-motorized transportation infrastructure.

About Cory

Cory Sutela, P.Eng was born in Rocky Mountain House, Canada, and gained an appreciation for bicycle transportation infrastructure (including sidewalks and dirt tracks) at the age of 6.  Since then, a bicycle has been his preferred method of transportation.

He received a BSc in Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, and a Ph.D. in Engineering from Cambridge, using his bicycle as his primary mode of transport.  He worked in the petroleum and automotive industries before moving to Colorado Springs in 2004 to work as a test engineer for the bicycle component manufacturer SRAM.

Inspired by the trails and also the on-street bike infrastructure observed while living in Vancouver, Dr. Sutela joined Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates soon after arriving in Colorado Springs, and began his apprenticeship into improving bike infrastructure through advocacy.

On this journey Dr. Sutela volunteered on the board of the Trails and Open Space Coalition for 6 years, including serving as secretary and VP of advocacy.  He was a forming member and first Chair of the Superfriends group that works directly with COS city parks, volunteered at the first CSprings Bike Summit, and was a forming member (and Advocacy Chair) for Bicycle Colorado Springs.  He is also currently the president of Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates.

Education and Encouragement

The Education and Encouragement Committee is chaired by Allen Beauchamp. The Education and Encouragement Committee works to create fun and unique opportunities for local residents to connect to their community, from the seat of their bikes, at a very human speed. Combining educational material via our social media, web and in-person trainings, along with encouragement focused partnerships with other local cycling and civic organizations, to increase the level of education and awareness for safe bicycle travel for both on-street travel and our many miles of off-street multi-use trail facilities.

About Allen

After moving to Colorado Springs with Intel Corp in January of 2001, Allen fell in love with the local community and saw the opportunity to play a part in the creation of a more cycling-friendly city and region. He served as the President of the Colorado Springs Cycling Club from 2004-2008, has served on the board of Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates. When Intel decided to pull out of Colorado Springs, Allen and his wife CeCe, who fell in love with the local community, decided to go all-in and call Colorado Springs home. Allen is currently employed by the City of Colorado Springs as the Adaptive Cycling Specialist for the Therapeutic Recreation Program and is the newest member of the Trails and Open Space Coalition staff, managing the Bike Colorado Springs grant recently received from the Colorado Health Foundation, working on connecting local residents to the Legacy Loop and all of the places it can take them, via their bicycle.

Outreach Committee

Bike Colorado Springs is currently searching for the right volunteer to lead our Outreach efforts.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact Susan Davies.

The Outreach committee aims to engage the bicycle community of the Pikes Peak region through a variety of initiatives. This includes working with local businesses and organizations that have an interest in improving bicycle infrastructure and believe that cycling is an important economic driver in our community. Additionally, the Outreach committee organizes regular gatherings of BCS supporters with the goal of strengthening the bicycle community throughout our region

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is chaired by Cully Radvillas. This committee’s primary role is to increase the level of communication and collaboration among groups and individuals who have an interest in promoting bicycling. Using social media, face to face meetings, and this web site, the Communication Committee’s is developing channels of communication to all interested parties in support of a more bicycle friendly community.

About Cully

In 2012 Cully Radvillas moved from Chicago, IL to Colorado Springs, CO with SRAM, the second largest bicycle component manufacturer in the world. Throughout his years living in the Springs, the community feel, access to the outdoors, and potential of the city has won him over. As an avid mountain biker who grew up in the Midwest, he was grateful to move to a city where mountain biking doesn’t require driving to a trailhead. He views bicycles as equally valuable for both transportation and recreation. He especially loves the ability to ride via streets and trails directly to singletrack from his home on the Westside.


As a daily pedal-powered commuter, he advocates for the ability to use a bicycle as transportation. When moving to the Springs, Cully was excited to have his commute consist of 75% off-street trails, including singletrack and the Pikes Peak Greenway Trail. While he loves all of the off-street bicycling options, safe, on-street infrastructure is lacking. Cully sees comfortable, safe, on-street bicycle infrastructure options as a necessity to make bicycles viable transportation tools in Colorado Springs. He wants to help Colorado Springs reach it’s potential as a top tier city, and for citizens and non-citizens alike to see the freedom bicycles can bring, in the mountains and on the road.

TOSC Representative

The Trails and Open Space Coalition is represented on the BCS Steering Committee by Susan Davies. Bike Colorado Springs is a program of the Trails and Open Space Coalition whose mission includes the “creation of a network of bikeways in the Colorado Springs area.

About Susan

Susan Davies is the Executive Director of the Trails and Open Space Coalition. Susan adores her bikes including a beloved 1979 Motebecane road bike she refuses to part with (much to her husband’s dismay.) Her Klein mountain bike was purchased in Cleveland, Ohio in 2000. Prior year model, great price – the salesman told her “hey – we live in Ohio, you won’t use this bike.” Her response – “one day I’ll live in Colorado and yes, I will.” Three years later they settled in Colorado Springs. Her Trek road bike cost more than her first car or wedding ring and although she doesn’t ride it as often as she’d like, she’ll never part with it.