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West Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs – Midland Trail Closure

West Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs – Midland Trail Closure

Midland Trail Closure - Adams Crossing Construction In association with the Westside Avenue Action Plan…

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Your Ride Counts!

Your Ride Counts!

Our friends at Bicycle Colorado have partnered with Strava and the Colorado Department of Transportation…

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Downtown And Old North End Transportation Workshop

Downtown and Old North end Transportation workshop

The Old and Near North End neighborhoods serve as important residential communities, but current transportation…

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Outreach Committee Chair Opening

Outreach Committee Chair opening

Bike Colorado Springs is currently searching for the right volunteer to lead our Outreach efforts. The goal…

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Bicycle Master Plan Talking Points

Bicycle Master Plan talking points

  The bicycle master plan being developed by Toole Design Group and the City of Colorado…

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I-25 Interchange: Midland And Pikes Peak Greenway Trails Scheduled To Re-open Late Summer

I-25 Interchange: Midland and Pikes Peak Greenway trails scheduled to re-open late summer

I-25 Interchange: Midland and Pikes Peak Greenway trails scheduled to re-open late summer The community…

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Be awareToday I had something happen to me on a bicycle that was a first. Our group was finishing up our Cranksgiving 2017 ride and was headed back to Criterium Bicycles to drop off the food to donate to the Care and Share Food Bank for Southern Colorado. Cranksgivng is part bicycle ride and part food drive. With a full backpack of food, a downhill and tailwind we were taking it easy in the homestretch.

Turned South on Rockrimon Blvd heading away from Vindicator in a group of around 6 cyclists when we suddenly heard 4 or 5 popping sounds. I then felt a sharp pain in my side. At first I thought flat tire and then thought road debris got flipped up? Then realized that the car traveling in the opposite outside lane had it's window down and someone from the backseat had shot at me with perhaps an airsoft gun.

We turned to chase but with the few seconds it took to put it together and chase the car was long gone by the time we got around the corner and back to the light with Rockrimon. The car was a 2000s area Honda Element (cube looking SUV) with a dark grey roof and a blue/purple color. No plate number.

I filed a police report so the Colorado Springs Police Department will have it in their records. I have a small mark that stings a bit but will be just fine. I'm very lucky at that point the car was perhaps 3 full travel laves and one center turn lane away or it might have been much worse. I'm also lucky it didn't hit somewhere more sensitive. I have no reason to believe the shooter was targeting cyclist as it felt more like our group was a target of opportunity.

So as always, cyclist must be aware on the road. I've cycled an estimated 15k miles around Colorado Springs in the past 8 years and this certainly is a first. I rarely have a negative encounter with others as I ride to the point it's never something I even think about. Maybe I'll have more to feel about this happening in the future but for now I'm either in shock still or just out of thoughts.
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Be aware

Bike Colorado Springs is once again partnering with the Colorado Springs City Government, the Colorado Springs Flea Market, Borealis Fat Bikes and other sponsors to bring Global Fat Bike Day to Colorado Springs.

Have you heard about #CompleteCreeks? This is a great opportunity to learn more, experience the fun that can be had on the fat, low-pressure tires and experience a part of COS that has been #hiddeninplainsight (and oftentimes neglected) for far too long. New sections of trail and connections to on-street facilities are being designed with this current stormwater project, and will be included in many of the future ones. #connectivity

Be sure to follow the registration instructions on the event link, demo cycles need to be reserved ahead of time.

If you have your own fat bike, feel free to come on out and enjoy the ride!

Global Fat Bike DayDecember 2, 2017, 10:00am5225 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915-3514, United StatesJoin us on Sand Creek and Platte Ave. to see a stormwater project that will incorporate multi-use trails and fat bikes!

If you don't have a fat bike, you can demo one! Please call 719-385-5033 or email to reserve your demo bike ahead of time.

All participants must bring a helmet to wear.

Enter through the main gate of the flea market (5225 E Platte Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80915) and then participants will be instructed where to park.

This stormwater project will stabilize the creek channel, reduce erosion and reduce the sediment that flows downstream. It will also help to protect the Platte Avenue bridge and utility crossings, protect other public and private properties, and also provide opportunities and amenities for the public. The City of Colorado Springs is incorporating these components into the design phase of the project, so there are NO additional costs to our citizens!

Global Fat Bike Day 2017 is made possible by many Public-Private partnerships. A special Thank You, to the Colorado Springs Flea Market and Borealis Fat Bikes for their incredible generosity in hosting and providing bikes for this event.
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Global Fat Bike Day

At the Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting where they are rolling out the final draft of the COS Bikes! 2017 Bike Master Plan. Thank you to everyone that has taken time out of their evening to attend ... See MoreSee Less

At the Active Transportation Advisory Committee Meeting where they are rolling out the final draft of the COS Bikes! 2017 Bike Master Plan. Thank you to everyone that has taken time out of their evening to attend

Pedal On into a more cycling-friendly future for COS ... See MoreSee Less

Pedal On into a more cycling-friendly future for COS

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The draft master plan is available for review and comment until December 10th. Now is your chance to weigh in on what a more cycling-friendly and better connected Colorado Springs can look like. Find out more about the plan and direct links to the online feedback form here:

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6 days ago

Bike Colorado Springs

Get your Cranksgiving on this Sunday.

Cranksgiving 2017November 19, 2017, 1:00pmCriterium BicyclesCranksgiving is back in 2017!
Part group bicycle ride, part food drive and a fun way to help others.

NOTE: if you can't make the day we have a food drop off at Criterium Bicycles front entrance for about 2 weeks before November 19th!

The ride will leave Criterium Bicycles just a bit past 1pm on November 19th. Bring all the usual stuff for a ride but also bring a way to carry the non-perishable food items that we will be purchasing along the way. A simple backpack would work.

The group will ride on ONE loop going from the bike shop out and stopping at 4 stores along the way. At each stop we will park our bikes outside (one ride leader will stay behind to watch the bikes but if you can consider bringing a lock as well) so that you can go in and make a purchase. Place the items in your pack and we all continue on.

Each stop is progressively longer and more difficult ride. Going from short paved trail, to longer paved trail, to 4 lane road with a bike lane. At whatever point you would like to turn around and head for the shop you are free to do so.

View the route here:

Green (about 2.2 miles)- Down Santa Fe, turn at Costco and ride up to Trader Joes and back to the shop

Blue (about 9 miles all paved trail) - Continue on from green down Santa Fe, turn west on Sinton trail, before Centennial at the one lane tunnel, turn right and go up around the townhomes, turn right and then immediate left to enter parking lot, ride to Albertsons on Garden of the Gods Road. Then reverse on the trail back to the shop.

Black (about 12 miles) - After Albertsons continue up Centenial to hang a left on Flying W and stop at Walgreens. Then continue down Vindicator to Safeway before Rockrimmon. Continue down Rockrimmon until Mark Dabling where we will turn onto the sidewalk which becomes then Santa Fe and back to the shop

All donated food items will be taken to Care & Share the next day.
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Cranksgiving 2017

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